How do I get Started as a Writer? 7 Tips for the Beginner

7 Tips for the Beginning Writer and How to Get Started is an answer to one of the many questions I receive about writing. Most sound like this: “Where do I start?” Here’s a recent example of someone who wants to know where and how to become a writer.

“I would love to write, blog, sell items, and my book. Where and how do I get started? How do people find me? How do I know if I’ve been found??”
Cindy M Jones - Your Writing Mentor

7 Tips for the Beginner

Most aspiring writers have the same frustrations. If you happen to fall into this category of wanting to know how to start, I have several tips to help get you going.

  1. The first thing I would suggest is to ask yourself what do you enjoy reading, researching, or learning about?
  2. What experiences do you have that you feel confident in sharing with others or what advice do people come to your for?
  3. When you decide what message it is that you want to share, the next step is to create a blog if you don’t have one.
  4. Before you make your blog public, have several posts, I would suggest at least 8, (one per week for two months).
  5. Once you feel that you’ve got your voice coming through, I would create a facebook page and begin to share those blog articles while creating at least one per week.
  6. The next thing I would do would be to create an email list using a service like MailChimp and put a sign-up link on your blog and facebook page.
  7. Lastly, I would create some type of “enticement” for your readers to want to sign up for your email list. Whether that is a free manifesto or book that they can download or even a few PDF’s full of information that’s helpful, inspirational or entertaining.

It’s Not About You

If you concentrate on your audience and how you can meet their needs, your work will naturally be found. The biggest mistake most writers make is the lack of focus on their readers. Their dreams and success are the most important reasons they write. I’ve done it myself. And it’s ok to want those for yourself, but to be successful at writing and blogging, your audience… those you want to reach, help, engage, entertain or inspire, they have to come first.

Finding your Focus

Successful blogs…

  1. Solve Problems
  2. Meet a Need
  3. Provide Hope

Successful Bloggers…

  1. Are Passionate about their Subject
  2. Are Not Motivated by Money
  3. Have or Develop a Consistent & Productive Work Ethic

Asking the right questions can help you find your purpose for writing. Who do you want to help and how is a great place to start.

Start Where You Are and Use What You Have

Being simple isn’t overrated. Building a rock solid foundation by reaching out to a specific audience is the best way to develop your skills and grow.

What are some of the limitations that you are struggling with today? Let me know. I would love to help you.

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