False twin flames, (the karmic attachment from hell), co dependency, and attachment theory part 2.


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A false twin flame arrives to you at the time that you need to learn a lesson in love the most. The false twin’s arrival is no mistake, and is no coincidence at all. The energies that the both of you embody, call out to one another, from one karmic dissatisfaction, to the next.

In seeking out these individuals to play out our karma with, we attempt to understand our own traumas, our behavioural models, and to make sense of who we truly are. Usually, this relationship type is composed of an empath, (the true twin flame victim), and a narcissist, (the false twin flame).

In the event of their collision, both empath, and narcissist are unsure of themselves. The only difference is, the false twin is willing to manipulate, toy with the emotions of, and display energy vampirism, in their attempts to establish, and understand themselves, whilst the twin flame victim, in an attempt to quench their gaping emotional wound, and understand themselves, will attach viscously to the fallacies of this relationship.

All that the twin flame victim truly wants is to give love, and to be loved, well at least this is what they believe on a conscious level. On an unconscious level, they fill their energy field with thoughts such as, ‘I am not good enough for love’, ‘I am not deserving of love’, and ‘nobody will ever love me’.

More than likely, this is an imprint that they may have received from one, or both. of their parents, either a parent of theirs whom too feels this way, and struggles with co-dependent issues, or a parent whom indirectly enforced such beliefs by failing to meet the child’s needs for attention, recognition, or affection.

Subconsciously, the false twin also wonders if they are worthy, or deserving of love, but this is a query that they would much rather push below the surface, failing to pay recognition to it, instead developing a false narcissistic persona in which they are the greatest, the most intelligent, and that the twin flame victim should be lucky to even be with them! This false sense of self, and inflated ego is how the false twin protects themselves from the abandonment, and neglect that they so fear.

The same wound.

Both of these souls hold the same inner core wound, and it is this wound that their relationship, and their karma is built around. All of the transactions within the relationship will see them being triggered by, and responding to these internal models.

Because the false twin fears being abandoned, and having to face his, or her deeply buried feelings of neglect, and abandonment, they will create a distance between themselves, and the twin flame victim, more than just an emotional distance, a physical distance in which, they are the ones who determine when the two get to see each other, for how long, and where. This allows the false twin to feel as if their happiness is not dependent upon seeing the twin flame victim, and ensures that they can never be left feeling disappointed, or rejected, should the twin flame victim choose to cancel, or opt out of plans. This can never actually happen.

Because the scheduling of time spent together is so erratic, scarce, and spontaneous, the true twin will come to cherish any time spent together, and will surely never miss a date, or appointment, even at the expense of their own experience. The false twin becomes a drug. This addictive, elusive, and fixating drug, and because you never know when you are going to get it, you are CONSTANTLY on the edge, waiting for it, praying for it, hoping for it.

All of the energy that is directed toward obsessing over the false twin, feeding their ego, and holding them in the light, depletes the life force of the twin flame victim, whilst enabling the false twin to become replenished, and only further more determined in their efforts to display the pseudo heroine/champion role.

Amy Winehouse, and husband Blake, Amy (life path 8), Blake, (life path 22).

Nas, and ex wife Kelis, Nas (life path 7), Kelis, (life path 1/0) – combined number 8.

Numerologically speaking, these karmic attachments will typically involve the presence of the numbers 11, or 8, as both of these numbers pertain to karma, facing our karmic transactions,and leaving behind past traumas, in pursuits of spirituality, and wholeness.

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Of attachment from the perspective of the divine feminine, in love with a masculine who experiences avoidant attachment style.

Preview – Anytime the masculine fails to offer you that security of knowing that whatever you pour into the relationship will be safe, he robs her, essentially, of the opportunity to experience the very best of her reality.

If you wouldn’t allow this to happen to inanimate objects, then why would you allow for it to take place within your own soul?

Another reason for a woman being attracted to the lack of stability in a baby boy, is because she has never known true stability.

Through the countless accounts I have observed of women who are with these types of men, they almost always have had some type of drama going on at home with their families, some type of instability that they are attempting to run from, only to recreate this scenario with a partner.

Whatever is going on at home, you have to heal from the affects of it. You cannot run from it. Or you will surely find it again. As the highs & the lows that a baby boy offers provides a distraction from whatever upheaval the woman is already experiencing at home.

‘Thinking that you are unlovable. That you’re lucky that he chose you, even with all of your damaging’.

Control is a big factor with the baby boy, & he does seem it in anyway that he can get it. Although he rarely ever maintains it – & that’s just the problem.

This is why the opening line of my masculine ritual reading is, ‘ You cannot have control, without chaos’.

It is the chaotic nature of the feminine herself, that gives the masculine the opportunity to control something.

In many ways, he makes an attempt at the role of a father, perhaps much like her own, scattered in his ways.

He will alert her of her ways that are destructive, & dysfunctional, as they are plentiful.

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