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I see where you are coming from, but ‘marriage culture’ is not necessarily an alternative to hook up culture. Long term relationships still may be cultivated without legal marriage, and have been proven to experience longevity, perhaps not smoothly – but longevity nonetheless. Also, the marriage culture that you speak of where the parents do not know one another, and are formulated under the basis of pressure because of children, stems from out dated traditional forms of marriage, those that our parents, and generations before would have partaken in, due to ritual cultural traditions. I should think now that we have far more flexibility in choosing a marriage partner, out ruling partnership altogether does give credit to my idea that hook up culture is a result of a fear of marriage failure, born from the trauma of watching our parents marriages fail.

We do not have to repeat the mistakes of the past when we have so much new knowledge available to us.

Hook up culture is also known to produce children out of ‘mistake’. Many of those parents who still hold cultural values about children, and marriage, may still rush into premature marriages just to keep the peace, therefore this does not alienate the possibility of the marriage of two who do not know one another well. If anything, hook up culture creates more, ‘baby mothers’, and ‘baby fathers’, where lack of time, care, or responsibility is equally shared.

We aren’t expected to be perfect. But we should work on confronting the distance between masculine, and feminine harmony, not brushing our wounds underneath carpets.