Making Money While Clearing Rubbish

If you are running a rubbish clearance service, then you should know that you can make much more money than you currently are. Do not be too hasty with the recycling or throwing away all the rubbish you collect. The profit you can make with the actual rubbish are much more if you invest enough time to risk it. There are actually quite a lot of people who have collected rubbish for a living, and eventually found a new calling by using that rubbish to gain money while doing something they like. All it takes is imagination.

Think of all the things you collect when doing property clearances. Be creative about every single one of them — what can you really do with all that junk? Let’s take recycling out of the equation — if you can make money out of sending things to be recycled, you should obviously do it. But what about all the rest — what can you make of them? Too many things, in fact.

People throw away almost everything they do not have a need for, and sometimes that thing is not even broken. They will throw out a perfectly comfortable and fit couch just because they bought one, and they cannot do anything with the old one. They will throw out TVs and monitors, even forgotten about blank CDs. Every such item that they hire you to clear up is a subject to be used or sold. You can literally decorate your own house with working things, or if you are handy enough yourself, fix them, and use them. You can make a garage sale out of all the things you have no need for, and you can charge quite high for the properly working things. Some people even throw up books! Collect rubbish on weekdays, sell the usable things on the weekends — simple as that.

And as for the things that have no obvious function, every single piece of rubbish can be used as a materials for something new. If you are creative and handy enough, you can make your own decorations to sell. Nothing is too worthless to make a decoration out of. Cigarette butts? No problem — make a chain curtain, or fit them side by side in a plastic bag, take out all the air and create hanging decorations. Cracked pots can be further taken apart and made into small tiles. Thrown paper can be combined like a puzzle, glued together and framed as a picture. Water cups can be made into different types of containers. Parts of a broken PC may still be usable for working computers, and the ones that are not usable — more food for your imagination to handle. Think of a wall cover made of broken computer chips or plates. Maybe a curtain made of broken or used CDs. Wallpaper out of torn paper. Make your own story with a wallpaper from torn book pages or covers even!

Use your imagination to make use for everything, and use it further to expand the use. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure — this has been repeated throughout history, but very little people seem to be getting the point. There will always be people who will have too many things in their house and enough money to pay for their removal. Somebody simply letting you in the basement for the house clearance, means taking out quite a few usable items even if you do not bother thinking about how to use them too hard. There is literally no junk that you cannot use for something, so apply your creativity and make money out of every piece of rubbish you collect.

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