Lately I’ve been pretty frustrated. With people I do and don’t give a shit about. It all starts with ownership. I feel like no one’s owning up to their decisions these days. They make a decision, things don’t turn out how they want, and they either a). bitch and moan about it or b). sulk. For a long time. Or c). all of the above.

I’m not saying it’s totally wrong to let yourself be upset over something or cry. Granted, it’s part of the healing process and just straight up getting over it, whatever it is. I also get the concept of different experiences taking X amount of time for certain people to heal. But be realistic with how much time you need. You made that decision. And shit sucks, but at the end of the day, that choice is your doing. And the best thing you could do is accept reality, suck it up, and overcome it. Because victory is oh so much sweeter when you realize how much adversity you had to overcome to do so.

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