Weekend in the Berkshires

Mike and I went hiking to celebrate two years being together. I don’t like calling it an anniversary because I feel like that’s only for married couples. But we rented a bed and breakfast for a night, woke up early, and went to Bear Mountain to hike to the very top.

At first the trail was straight, level, easy, and very uninteresting. It wasn’t until we took a turn and start ascending some rocks that I started to get short of breath and realize how out of shape I was. One thing I love about hiking so far is that you become so invested in where you place your footsteps and making sure you don’t slip and fall that you don’t pay attention to your surroundings until you look up. At that point, whether it’s an open abyss unenclosed by trees, free to air and the rest of the sky and the clouds and God’s creation, you realize that you were totally absorbed and to yourself the whole time. And out of nowhere, an image of miraculousness snaps before your eyes. Mike doesn’t like it, but I think it’s pretty cool. To be so focused on one thing for so long and invest so much energy into it, only to see it pay off the second you let yourself break focus if even for a minute.

We hiked Bear Mountain, which I believe was about five miles altogether, then drove about 15 minutes to Bash Bish Falls. Looking down into a pot of people scrambling over rocks, ripe foliage, two small waterfalls, and dancing, spiraling leaves from the top of the trail made me feel so warm inside. Sometimes the fall gets so cold, and yet when you run into moments like these, you can’t help but feel like you can see life happening right before your eyes. There is so much life, so much movement: water flowing, kids falling off slippery rocks, broken leaves cutting the air in these nice, invisible, geometric patterns to the floor . . the air grazing your cheek, and babe’s warm touch when he comes behind me to either pat my head (I hate when he does that), grab my butt (I hate that sometimes), or hug me (which is rare). So many things happening at once, and it makes me feel so alive.

After our two hikes, we went to a local brewery and restaurant that had solar brewed beer. It was called Barrington Brewery and we ate so much we were stuffed and food coma’d out for the ride home. Jhene Aiko’s “Souled Out” album also didn’t really help us snap out of this alluring draw to drift off into sleep. I really wanted to sleep, but Michael was falling asleep so I ended up driving home. And here we are. Him playing some bootlegged version of GTA after watching Requiem for a Dream. Crazy movie.

Miss blogging. Hoping to make this more normal this year.

Near the peak of Bear Mountain in Salisbury, CT
Waterfall at Bash Bish Falls — Salisbury, CT
Shandy Gaff from Barrington Brewery & Restaurant in Great Barrington, MA
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