Sarah Greichen, a Special Olympics Unified partner and founder/CEO of Score A Friend, Inc., a nonprofit organization that builds Unified clubs in schools to support youth leaders in promoting inclusion for youth of all abilities, tells us her thoughts on her involvement with Special Olympics:

Sarah Greichen, Unified partner & founder/CEO of Score A Friend, Inc.

What does Special Olympics mean to you?

· Special Olympics Program and staff trained and inspired me to build inclusion in the world for youth of all abilities

· Special Olympics gave my twin brother, who has autism, the gift of Unified Sports, friendship, and inclusion

· Special Olympics supported me to create a new…

My name is Cindy, and I’m an intern for Special Olympics North America Unified Champion Schools. After briefly living in El Salvador as a kid, my family moved to Washington, D.C. Once I was able to, I joined the military and got to experience living in all sorts of locations, which in turn, exposed me to a greater variety of people. One common thread that I noticed living in various places is that there is always a need for more public education regarding the treatment and inclusion of those with intellectual disabilities. …

Cindy Cruz

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