The Turner4D Seize the Conversation Forum Series kicked off to a great start with an all-star team of social media experts including our very own Dr. Alan Rosenblatt, Craig Johnson of Unfiltered Media, Peter Ludgin of a4Media and Chuck Westover of Next Level Media.
Our experts reviewed the opportunities and changes with Facebook and Google advertising and discussed tools like geofencing and data matching that can help you expand your base in a very targeted fashion.

Here are some of the takeaways from the discussion:

Facebook: (Chuck Westover)
* You need to be a confirmed organization if you want to…

Geofencing allows you to capture the cell phone id’s of everyone in a location during a particular time-frame. Photo by PHOUNIUS on Unsplash

Is your organization using geofencing to find and move like-minded individuals to action? If not, it’s high-time to jump on this bandwagon.

I recently sat down with Alan Rosenblatt, one of my esteemed partners at turner4D to talk about geofencing. Geofencing allows you to draw a boundary around a location and identify the people who enter that location during a period of time through their cell phone’s id. This can be done during a long period of time or a specific time. So, for instance, a politician can geofence the arena where s/he hosted a kickoff event to capture all…

Writing under deadline can be tough, unless you have a good process.

David Elliot is known for his writing skills, especially his ability to write fast and under pressure. When I reached out to him to ask if I could interview him for the PCDC blog, he said sure, but he did not know that he had much to share. He was wrong!

David works for the Coalition on Human Needs, an alliance of primarily national organizations with a broad scope of work, including civil rights, religious, labor, health care, nutrition assistance, anti-poverty, education, the elderly and people with disabilities. David says, “Our strength comes, not from within our talented but small…

If you are like me, you have become exhausted and somewhat numb to the constant barrage of bad news, political nastiness, intolerance, and moral decay reported daily through news outlets. We can’t seem to get away from it: whether we turn on the TV, look at our phone or log into our computers, there is always a new and depressing headline that catches our attention and brings us down.

In a 2017 survey by the American Psychological Association, 66% of Americans say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress and 57% say that they are stressed…

Darcy Gentleman of DJG Communications started out in science, but soon realized it was the story telling of science that most interested him. His goal is to help scientists and others communicate better. As someone who has worked with scientists, policy wonks and lawyers for most of my life, I feel like I have found a kindred spirit in this Gentleman.

“The goal of any talk should be to start conversations in rooms the speaker has not entered.”

As all good communicators know, the audience comes first. Darcy says the best presentations are the beginnings of a conversation. Ultimately, it’s the conversations that occur among the audience when the speaker leaves that are the most important. “The…

If you are like most people, you check your smartphone within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Heck, you probably check it before you even get out of bed, right? With 95% of Americans owning a mobile device, we need to meet people where they are: their phones!

PCDC member Sandi Fox of Smart as a Fox says, “Mobile is truly the best way to reach and engage with your supporters and motivate them to take action.” While there is still a gap between those who have a basic mobile phone and those who have a smartphone, both can…

Branding can be a painful process. Everyone has an opinion. I know of one organization that had such a difficult experience refreshing their brand and logo that it cost them a couple of board members. So, it pays to have a professional, either inside or outside your organization, manage the process and help it move as smoothly as possible.

Christy Batta is just such a professional. Christy says, “Branding is all about building the visual language you need to get your message across.”

Branding has a lot in common with developing top-line messages for an issue. We have all had…

Susan Roth booked 9/11 Day’s David Paine on Fox News

Getting press coverage is one thing, but landing your story on TV and getting your boss/client/spokesperson an on-camera interview is another. I sat down recently with Susan Roth of Roth PR to talk about strategy for landing that all important TV interview.

Susan says there are four key elements that make for good TV news, and you need at least one of these locked down before you start pitching.

· Make sure you have a good, interesting human interest story to tell. …

The news cycle is 24–7. We are overwhelmed by breaking news, scandals, politics, and celebrity gossip on our computers, phones, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. How do we, as communicators, get our own message out?

One way to do it is through “newsjacking.” You may have heard the term before. Heck, you may have done it before and not known it! The term newsjacking was invented by David Meerman Scott and he defines it as the “art of injecting your ideas or brand into a breaking news story.”

Recently, Suzanne Turner of turner4D and I were chatting about newsjacking. She suggests…

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