Pack Your Bags — We are Going on a Guilt Trip

Denying the guilt doesn’t work either

Lordy, what is with the guilt trip I am on these days?

Cindy, why have you not written a post since December?

Back off bitch, I have been transitioning from the warmth and excitement of Panama to the wintery wonders of Canada. I have only been back for thirty days and in the big scheme of things it is not a big deal. Since when do you work within defined time and schedules anyway?

Cindy, what are you doing these days?

Ummm nothing and loving it — why? Is your task-oriented, driven by someone else’s revenue targets better than my self-directed income less life? Money has never defined you so why would you start now? Didn’t you downsize for a reason? Just askin’.

Cindy, what is your next big adventure?

I don’t fucking know what it is that is why it is called an adventure. It will come as a surprise or in the form of an ah-ha moment or maybe an opportunity I just can’t resist. Not planning to plan creates the plan ya know.

Hey, Cindy, why don’t you try…insert a long list of things to do.

You crazy friggin’ red-head you have been applying to this and that looking for remote work, volunteer gigs, house sitting placements, internships, consulting, venture capital investment, barter and work exchanges — anything but traditional work. Perhaps you need to create your own destiny and stop looking for it through someone else’s eyes.

Man, you sound discouraged are you OK?

Well, no and yes.

The journey I have taken has not been as easy as I thought. I mean I have some wicked skills to offer the big bad world but so far few takers. It does take a bite out of your confidence.

On the other hand, I am proud of myself for sticking with the road-less-travelled (although the traffic is picking up over here) and going against every societal push to just get a traditional J.O.B. not that there is an abundance of those things either.

It does feel good to write again — thanks for the inspiration Jeff Goins.

I am looking forward to getting back on track with my fitness routine with the help of WayFit.

A few days with Lisa Drader-Murphy helped me to refocus on what is possible when you stick with your vision.

Play time with friends has allowed me to appreciate what I have right now and has helped to spark my creativity.

So I am unpacking my bags — this guilt trip is over!

I have tenacity, courage, fierceness, intelligence, relationships, and a sense of humour what the hell else do I really need to make things happen?


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