Better Late Than Never Published

365 Dinners: April

I tried, I really did.

My objective (I sometimes hate the word goal) is to publish each month’s volume on the first day of that month. January on January 1, February on February 1 and so on.

Then came April.

Homemade Pizza on a weeknight? What was I thinking?

My eldest was now in college.

My youngest is anticipating middle school.

I started a new job.

Volatility in my personal relationships with other adults pulled a lot of my time and attention and sapped my mental energy.

Spring weather.

Pick the distraction, my reason for procrastination, my excuse.

I did not get 365 Dinners: April published on April 1.

Homemade Tarragon Vinegar

I was disappointing myself. The days ticked by and I still did not published April. I didn’t even have April close to finished.

Heck, there were nights I would groan at the thought of writing. I would, instead, make a pot of ginger and turmeric tea and play a game of Boggle with my daughter.

Finally, about five days ago, I gave myself a talking to and said “Self, enough is enough. This is an awesome series with wonderful recipes. Get it done!”

Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas. Nothing as awesome as coming home to dinner

So I got it done.

Late last night, I declined all invitations — including Pistol Pete playing the blues at Mary’s Place — and I finished and published 365 Dinners: April.

Click here to purchase.

Now, one beautiful Sunday to rest and then on to the writing of 365 Dinners: May.

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