Spend a Buck - Buy My Book

I feel like I am on Letterman.

Not the newer version with some replacement host, but the Letterman of the 90s.

I am sitting on stage, in the chair on his right, in some crazy evening dress with big, post 80s hair. My publicist booked this as part of a tour to schlock my book. My series of books.

When you put the bulk of your creative energy into a project, and then put that project out into the world for all to see, you want people to like it — love it — nay … even spend a buck and buy it for themselves.

It’s not the 90s when all books are in tangible paper form.

It’s the 2016s, when books are digital and you can carry a library full of tomes on your smart phone in your pocket.


In 2014, I wrote 365 blog posts about what my family ate for dinner.

What started as a writing exercise became a mission, of sorts.

Spend a Buck — Buy my Book!

A year passed. Strangers would stop me and ask about a post or a recipe. They would compliment me on keeping it real, i.e., admitting when we had McDonald’s for dinner or were too tired and just had bowls of cereal.

Spend a Buck — Buy my Book!

Now, in 2016, I am writing a book a month containing the actual, original recipes of the dinners that we each corresponding month during the year of the 365 Dinners.

Spend a Buck — Buy my Book!

Now, like a guest on Letterman, I am shamelessly plugging my books. Well, there is a little bit of shame at the level of self-promotion required to be heard above the noise. But mostly, I am proud of these books.

If you cook at home, or want to cook at home, or wish you cooked more at home, these are the cookbooks for you.

If you have kids and a partner who would prefer a home cooked meal over takeout, these are the cookbooks for you. (my kids have eaten and approved every recipe in each book)

If you just like me as a person and want to support my writing, hey, that’s cool too.

And … the entire 12 months will come out in a single, hard, physical, hold in your hands, honest to goodness book in December 2016, just in time for the holidays.

Thank you for your support.