User Scenarios

When I am holding racks of clothing to put them back, I want to use the least amount of effort to talk or message my coworker while multitasking, so I can give those clothes for my coworker to put back.
Already logged on account: Home screen when I tilt the watch with To Do, Sales Goals, Stock Checkup, Pay, and Communication at the middle.
  • Think about the main pain points this could do
  • What can be done on other devices such as the phone that can’t be done on the watch
  • Location: Section A, B, C, Fitting Room
  • iBeacon Technology in retail
  • Logistics involving stock checkup
  • Determine quick text messages: Code (for loss prevention), get put backs please!, styling a customer, working on it, etc
When I am working in the fitting room area (back of the store) and my manager (at the front) assigns multiple tasks for me, I want to be notified and able to check on them and their priorities, so I can notify and complete my tasks.
When a customer is about to come out of the fitting room, I want to check my current sales status and goal, so I can be motivated to close the sale with the customer.
Sales Goals


When _____ , I want to _____ , so I can _____ .
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