Video Demonstrations

Visual Search, Onboarding, and Personalized Filtering

Nancy wants to find out more about her friend’s camera. She also wants a mirrorless camera for hobby use.
Welcome to Jamie, your smart shopping assistant — Try it
“Jamie” Would Like to Access the Camera — which also gives access to location
Tap to find out more about this product or skip
Product gets detected and highlighted
Product characteristics are analyzed and detected
The on-boarding is low friction to encourage people to try out the product and then incrementally sync sign-ins from other platforms using in-app contextual cues.
There’s more prominence to signing up with Facebook and email, with an option to skip — which is subtle.
If people decide to skip, they still get the product results to try out the product.
Once they’re done with the results, they get directed to the For You home feed.
For You is connected to your location via allowing camera access which is an iOS default. So on the feed, the results are connected to your recent searches, location, and cookies. The results shown here are Trending in Toronto and Drake: Summer Sixteen Tour in 2 weeks.
Paola is looking for tops that have a similar material to the CK Modern Cotton Bralette.
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