Hi Eric,
Chad Wild Clay

About the “you hurt me by calling me racist” thing… This has nothing to do with your feelings. You say that it hurts you because so many people you love are Vietnamese… well then you should have known better. Like Eric says, you completely miss the point. Maybe your video would have been funny AND social commentary (i.e. NOT racist) if the substitute teacher had ANSWERED for his racism, but he DOES NOT. You let him overpower the students, sexualize them beyond belief, and violently berate them when they DO stand up. There is NO justice for them in this video. NO power transfer. The white guy has ALL the power and authority, and then it is all reinforced at the end when another white guy falls in line (i.e. the one who’s name is pronounced “right”). If you didn’t want this video to be racist, and if you didn’t want to hurt people with it, then you really really should have thought long and hard about how to make sure your video didn’t come off this way — especially if that was not your intention.

I am not writing this to call you a racist — even though I think this video is racist as fuck. If you don’t want it to seem racist, MAKE SURE IT ISN’T RACIST. You could even start here… This piece is about how this video could be NOT racist. I hope you don’t do what a lot of other people do and just get defensive. By your response, you seem like you are open minded and a “talk it out” kind of person. If people agreeing with this article “hurts you,” I hope it also makes you think about why YOUR video hurt them, even if you were just trying to be funny.

You were just trying to be funny, that’s your prerogative. For those of us who didn’t think it was funny, you missed your mark completely.