UX of Deliveroo Order

This is my first experience to order food by Deliveroo App. I wanted to record and share my feeling when using it because I couldn’t find many detailed user report about it.

I like the clock pointing 1pm which is exactly the ETA. The map shows that the distance between me and the restaurant is not long. Seems 10 mins walk.

The order seems can’t be cancelled unless I call the customer service.

Since there was a problem with the previous order, so the order was cancelled and I made a new order.

I like the timer counting down which gives me a hint that it is processing. But what is the ETA? I don’t want to think or calculate on my own.

The horizontal bar isn’s a good idea because I don’t know what will be next. Also, the status time is missing there. I can’t track back what time it has changed the status.

I don’t like to see it prepare so long. It makes me feel hurry and afraid that it couldn’t arrive on time.

I can see the movement of the rider in the map. I like this part if it is true and not a fake google map direction.

It’s funny to see sometimes Chinese and sometimes English notifications.

Yeah. Time to pick up.

The order is completed. It is confirmed by the rider. I don’t know whether it is correct to show the map again coz it is useless to me now.

Rating time after I reopened the app after finishing the meal. Maybe give me a picture of burger meal to remind me which restaurant if I come back to the app tmr.

It is nice idea about the options to give me some hints what to comment.

Why I don’t have the options if it’s 4 stars or above? So u think 4-star is good enough?

Not sure when will these record will be deleted. But it’s nice to keep the customer service contact inside.


  • It was my first time to use Deliveroo. The experience is so so. One of the reasons is it was cancelled suddenly. Luckily the CS informed me by time and by all means. The best thing is the art direction which is beautiful and enjoyable. But some UX can be improved, for example, the horizontal status bar and the missing options of 4+review. I’d suggest to use vertical status bar like UberEATS and Foodpanda so I can check the status and status time more easily. UberEATS even shows me the profile pic of the rider which can increase the credibility (Optional bonus thing tho). The countdown is a nice idea which makes me keep tracking. But the con is I need to count the exact ETA 🙁 because it didn’t show the ETA anymore unless I tap to see order details.