You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

“We will walk for you. We will fight for you. We will stand up for you. And one day you will actually be equal, instead of just feeling like you are.”

Spare me the melodrama and theatrics, please, child!

Do you truly delude yourself into believing that I, and many other women who are disgusted by your elitist, bullying tactics, are too stupid to take responsibility for our own experience of life, and that YOU are our only hope for salvation from tyranny and oppression of evil rich white men? (Oh, not the “universal” YOU, you condescendingly pointed fingers at in this BULLYING rant, but YOU personally?)

It is BECAUSE of elitist, bullying, holier than thou shit like this that Donald Trump got elected. And it is BECAUSE of elitist, bullying, holier than thou shit like this that I am PROUDLY not a feminist.

I know what it is to march for true equality, not this manufactured bullshit you’re peddling. YOU, young lady, do not speak for me, or my daughter, or my granddaughter. Thank you very much, but that right is mine alone — I have no problem speaking up for myself — and is not YOURS to bestow, or ridicule, or demonize.

My problem with the ridiculous liberal ideology that you learned in a book and espouse as if it were gospel, is that, at its core, is the notion that people are too uneducated and weak to stand up for themselves, so liberals must do it for them. Whether it’s poor, downtrodden women, or marginalized minorities, or abused animals, it’s like liberals NEED somebody to defend and protect to feel validated and important, or something. But, no matter which way you look at it, the liberal’s passion to feel strong, empowered and helpful always comes at the expense of another. ALWAYS! If there’s nobody handy to “save” or “defend” or “rescue”, they’ll invent a cause.

That is racist, sexist, bigoted bullshit disguised as empathy and compassion. And it’s disgusting!

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