Moon Mad (Theodore Hale Parker [1912–1933])

The full moon sat upon a crystal sky
Above a massive oak tree, black as hell,
And hastily, a shred of cloud rushed by
And left me, trembling, in the white moon’s spell.

And then the muttering earth into the night
Was dropped, and hung the shining moon alone;
As one great eye it burned in bluish light
The while moon-madness crept upon my own.

And O! that moon was lonely in the sky!
’Twas queer to trace the craters desert there,
As mad and lonely as a dead man’s eye,
I quailed to feel the moon sea’s empty stare!

And God! the blinding light upon my face!
I closed my eyes, my senses gone too soon.
But then my soul went leaping out in space -
I climbed the frozen mountains of the moon!

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