Mountain Stars (Theodore Hale Parker [1912–1933])

Stars are cruel in mountain land.
They are not friendly, scattered above the frozen peaks!
Lonely and ghastly, they shine upon the snow,
Glittering icily in darkest space, and chilling
The eyes that look upon them.
Snow, stainless snow, freezing,
Reaches up with bloodless arms to grasp them!
Winds! Snarling winds, hurtling,
Shuddering and howling over the crystal drifts,
Blow, blow upon the stars and chill them
Solid, one by one.
The wild, weird snow, the peaks of mountains!
In naked heaps of chill, the howling winds!
The stark and wailing winds, the stars!
The lonely, weird, impassioned stars!
Hanging there
Like glittering bits of ice, frozen
Upon an empty sky!

I know now why wolves howl:
They too are lonely underneath those stars.