Past Life Recall Dream?

Yesterday I found a copy of “Daily Gosho.” Totally unfamiliar. Is a year-round Buddhist (I am not a Buddhist) devotional, based on writings of Nichiren Daishonin (1222–1282) of Japan. Includes beautiful photos from nature, etc. I bought it. Read five days’ entries.

Early this morning (11/29/2015), I dreamed of riding along a scenic mountain pass, forested on either side. To my right (passenger): An especially neat portion of forest, each tree standing slightly apart, full foliage; at one point their trunks/branches ordered patterns of red and black. Suddenly, a small patch of ice which must be avoided (don’t slip and lose consciousness). That avoided, our forest drops away and ahead I notice to unseen companion(s): “There’s Mount Fujiyama” (its full name, not “Fuji”).

Mount Fujiyama’s distinct snow-capped peak is seen from back (not sure I’ve seen such a photo). In foreground are two other (unnamed) peaks, appearing on either side. My attention remains on Fujiyama, accompanied by a pleasant flood of emotions — which I soon awaken to, while recalling “a little-known poet” named Kashiku, late 17th or early 18th century, known to reject social invitations; “I desire nothing but the view of Mount Fuji.” He was found dead in snow outside a temple gate, dressed in poor clothing and a straw gown. His death poem read:

“Mount Fuji’s melting snow
is the ink
with which I sign
my life’s scroll,
‘Yours sincerely.’”

(Japanese Death Poetry, Tuttle Publishing, page 85)

Is reincarnation real? Not implying I might have been that poet. But it’s interesting that “Daily Gosho” prompted such a dream. Perhaps I’ve had both Chinese and Japanese past lives. Then again, I’ve read a lot of Jungian psychology. ;-)

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