4 Medicines For Prostatitis Cure

Prostatitis, known as an inflammation of prostate, is one of the most common male disease. Males who have long-term sitting, ridding, driving, holding urine, or sexually active have high risk of prostatitis. Once infected, it can cause a series of suffering symptoms to patients. Some patients don’t know much about this disease and use medicines blindly without diagnosing which result in further damage to the body. Here are 4 kinds of medicines for prostatitis cure.

Herbal medicine

Since more and more people are focus on the quality of their life, they also attach more importance to the medical cure as well. Therefore, many patients want to be treated more naturally. Now, a herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has proven to have good curative effect on curing prostatitis. The standard of curing prostatitis is to eliminate the symptoms. By taking this pill, the pelvic and genital pain can be eliminated efficiently by promoting the circulation of blood and qi. In the same time, it can also eliminate the inflammation by clearing away heat and toxins. Moreover, the herbs like plantaginis, talcum and dianthus superbus in the pill can provide good effect on inducing the diuresis to relieve stranguria.


Antibiotics are common for curing prostatitis. This kind of medicine is efficient and quick. Patients should have drug sensitive test, the choose of the antibiotic depends on the result. During the treatment of antibiotis, you need to pay attention to its curative effect. If you notice the medicine have little effect on your condition, you need to change your medicine in case of delaying the cure.

Pain-relieving drugs

Patients with postatitis can be troubled by a series of pain, such as pain in the pelvis, perineum, groin, testicles, penis, and lumbosacral portion, painful ejaculation and urination. Pain-relieving drugs can be a adjuvant medicine for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. They can be a option to ease the pain and let patients keep a relatively comfortable state.


Patients who have prostatitis for a long period can easily have mental problems because of the anxiety and tension of the disease. In fact, this mental state can affect the curative effect. So it’s essential for this kind of patients to take anti-depressants to control their moods during the treatment. Patients need to face the disease optimistically, any worries about the disease is unnecessary. Once you take a proper treatment and keep a reasonable diet, the disease will be cured some day.

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