Herbal Medicine Is An Alternative treatment For Prostatitis Cure

Prostatitis can be classified into bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis. For patients with bacterial prostatitis, antibiotics can efficiently cure the infection. However, since nonbacterial prostatitis is not caused by bacteria, antibiotics will take no effect on this condition. Thus, nonbacterial prostatitis patients should try other treatments to get rid of the disease. Recent years, a herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used as prostatitis cure.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill, developed by Dr. Lee ( the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic) is made from natural herbs. Since the symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis are similar to other types of prostatitis, this pill is directed at eliminating the symptoms and removing the inflammations. Pain is the typical symptom of nonbacterial prostatitis, by taking this pill, the pain can be relieved by promoting the blood and qi circulation. It also can offer good effect on clearing away heat and toxins to eliminate the harmful substances. Besides, the herbs in this pill can also alleviate the pain and discomfort when urinating by inducing diuresis to relieve stranguria. With its comprehensive functions, male patients don’t need to take other medicines during the treatment. What’s more, because of its herbal formula, it ahs no side effects so patients can keep a continuous treatment.

Though the curative effect of herbal medicine is not as quick as western medicine, it won’t do any harm to the body. If you are suffering from this disease and have no obvious improvement by western medicine, herbal medicine can be your alternative treatment.

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