New Job. New Obsession.

If you follow me on Medium, you know that I sometimes post about the corrections industry. The prospect of using sunlight, mobile technology, and big data to disrupt this little-understood world has always felt incredibly ambitious and positive.

Turns out, corrections isn’t the only place where those ingredients can have a transformative effect.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve started a new job as CEO of Envelope, a tech company that makes never-before-been-organized property data and analysis beautifully visible to and usable by the similarly opaque real estate industry. Envelope was cofounded by world-renowned SHoP Architects and the hugely-respected Director of MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab, whose work is on view in MoMA.

I won’t say more until our proper launch later this year, but I’m honored and humbled to be working with such an amazing team on such a big and game changing endeavor. Watch this space for more.

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