I’m A Disabled Woman Who’s NOT Celebrating Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech
Emily Ladau

I just read this comment on Dan Rather’s page and they mirror my own thoughts well.
“ Well, I’m a disabled woman, and this op-ed is hilarious. Unfortunately or fortunately, it takes someone with privilege to start major conversations, highlighting injustices. Meryl Streep may be the greatest actress of her generation, but she can’t solve a horrifying and long history of human rights abuses against people with disabilities. She merely spoke up for us, because she can. Her language in no way lent itself to infantilising those with disabilities; quite the contrary, it empowered us. All I can think is that the author of the article has experienced too many instances of false promises and fake solidarity that the slightest bit of hope currently presented to her creates a backlash. It’s like when you hold the door open for a wheelchair user: some will bark at you and say they can do it themselves; others (including me) will gladly accept your kind gesture, because not unlike striving for social equality, doors are heavy and hard to open without assistance.”

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