Never Again — Brandon Belt
Brandon and Brandon

I wear a giraffe around my neck most of the time. We SF Giants fans have been spoiled with our team’s incredible performance over the last decade. Without the lows, the highs would not be as joyous. This past season was painful for the team and the fans, but it will make you that much stronger when 2018 rolls around, and I think I speak for all fans when I say that we’re very excited to watch your comeback to champion status. Congratulations on your eyes recovering. Can you share what you are doing that you feel will make your eyes even stronger than they were before? None of us are getting any younger and can use a few tips because none of us want to end up watching games through coke bottles.

Thanks for all you do. win or lose, it’s always a pleasure to root for the San Francisco Giants, and for you Brandon Belt. Enjoy the off season, happy holidays and we’ll see you in Scottsdale!