The Struggle Is Real But Is It Worth It?

Money…Is it the root of all evil or does it buy us freedom from our worries?

If you are struggling financially to get by… Be Grateful. No amount of money in the world can buy the insight and knowledge that will be gained through this type of struggle.

There have been many situations in my life where money was tight. I couldn’t afford the expensive makeup and facial regimens that were advertised to make you feel and look beautiful. This caused me to try to find natural, inexpensive products that would give me similar results. I would not have figured out that organic coconut oil is amazing for moisturizing my face, body and hair. I would not have stumbled upon the many ways baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean a myriad of things. I don't believe I would have figured these things out if I didn’t struggle financially.

When I bought my house I had little money to fix it up because most of my funds went into the down payment. I discovered Habitat For Humanity Stores which sold used light fixtures, window treatments and paint supplies for a fraction of the retail price. I painted rooms myself instead of hiring a paint contractor. I learned how to look at items differently, seeing the potential in something used to be repurposed. I learned to make old things look new again.

To keep healthy, I would run outside or workout in my home instead of joining a health club. Same results but no out of pocket money. I learned how to make healthy meals at home and go out occasionally to nice restaurants. I started to watch my health, taking precautions on exercise and what I ate so that my doctor visits were not frequent.

For entertainment I didn’t have to go and see a Broadway show, go to movie theaters and sporting events. I could watch movies on Netflix and hang out with friends at home, which I prefer doing more than going out.

Even though my financial situation is better now, I still use what I have learned when money was tight because they simply work better for me. Sharing my tips with friends and acquaintances gave them hope that all is not lost when there is little to work with. We just have to change the way we think and problem solve to gain similar and many times better results.

The biggest gain through struggling financially is the emotional growth of becoming humble. One can truly empathize with those who are struggling financially if they lived the struggle themselves. Through life’s journey of joy, pain, hope, gratefulness, heartache, success and setbacks one can truly relate and walk alongside with those who are struggling.

How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great -Bill Bennot

We can get misconceptions through advertisements of entrepreneurs and business owners photographed next to the hottest looking cars, homes, clothes, and people. The underlying message is “Do whatever you can to makes your millions and you will get this…” The appearance of wealth and success is just that. Appearances… Some who are fortunate to have wealth, should be worry free, but it seems to have an opposite effect. Their lives are full of worry, suspicion, and trying to find something to fill a void. If they could just reverse their intentions from striving to make millions to striving to make a difference the void they are seeking will be filled.

Working at a job because you love it and see opportunities to teach, help and lift others up is so much more fulfilling than having and acquiring amass of things.

Many people who are wealthy and have a healthy balance, are those whose primary focus was not to become wealthy but to make a difference.

Money is not the root of all evil if you know how to implement it in your life to make a difference.

The Struggle Is Real And It’s Worth It …