Bundling — A Scrappy Marketing and Segmentation Messaging Strategy for the Growing Start-Up

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In the scramble to get through to the inboxes of potential customers, start-ups battle between accumulating as many email addresses onto their mailing lists from as many sources as possible and paying the costs of managing those contacts, oftentimes the majority of whom are minimally engaged.

The hope is that one day, the prospects who are even the tiniest bit aware of your brand will eventually consider, convert, champion, and then advocate for you. But how many low-engagement prospects is too many on your mailing list and how do you prevent missing out on a sales opportunity while continuing to be relevant to more engaged audiences, all while staying within a tight marketing budget?

Bundling a cheaper bulk email service (the best I found is SendPulse) with a more specialized segmentation platform (Klaviyo and Remarkety are my top picks though these services are geared more toward e-commerce) is one effective solution.

This strategy allows for the creation of 2 separate mailing lists — one to primarily welcome, educate, and send occasional promotions to large numbers of low engagement contacts with another to tailor special messaging and product offerings to a more loyal following. Though more sophisticated segmentation platforms are great, the cost to maintain hundreds of thousands of contacts on these services is prohibitively high for the small start-up and there are strict limits on email sends (10–20 per contact per month).

SendPulse is a no frills and very wallet-friendly bulk marketing service for email, SMS, and web push notifications. When you have hundreds of thousands of contacts, email sends are even unlimited. You also get the basic suite of email marketing features such as optimization of message timing, A/B testing capabilities, and automated email sending triggered by events you specify.

Klaviyo and Remarkety offer more sophisticated CRM and segmentation functions, syncing automatically with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento. Bother services permit marketers to finely slice and dice contacts using behavioral and transactional data. Customers can be targeted based on a whole host of features such as previous purchases, browsing activity on your website, and any demographic characteristic you collect.

Klaviyo’s most valuable feature is its Facebook ads integration, which can automatically import specific segments into Facebook Custom Audiences to retarget these individuals and launch look-a-like campaigns to attract similar audiences similar to the target segment.

Remarkety’s claim to fame is its product recommendation tool, which promotes upselling and cross-selling by connecting customer purchase history to deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations from individual customers’ favorite product categories. Additional features include a simple loyal program that permits personalized email coupons based on minimum spending and/or a minimum number of orders. Through its partnership with open cloud integration platform Maestrano, Remarkety even offers free omni-channel integration, aggregating your contacts across e-commerce and brick-and-mortar point of sales systems.

Happy emailing!

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