Increase Your Business Profits with These Four Basic Marketing Fundamentals

What are the four basic marketing fundamentals?

The four basic marketing fundamentals are the roots in the ground that will help you maintain the tree you grow, whether that be in your brick & mortar business, digital marketing, e-commerce business or consulting agency.

The First Basic:

Who Do You Listen to? When it comes to desiring to understand marketing, should you listen to me? As someone whose just getting their footing on the ground and still learning.

Or…. Should you listen to someone else like Joe Polish, whose been in the marketing industry for years and knows his way around the marketing world.

If you chose Joe Polish then I applaud you. Because if you want to understand marketing then listen to him since he’s been successful in this area. I enjoy listening to him especially on his, I Love Marketing Podcast. He works with big names such as Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, and shark tank Daymond John.

Look at what he does from his website to his social media platforms and listen to him when he preaches marketing methods. Then perform the actions like “Monkey see, Monkey Do”.

Of course there are other legends in the marketing world who’ve created success from the ground up such as Jay Abraham, Gary Varynerchuk, and David Ogilvy. Each have their own methods and ideas of marketing yet all have the same outline.

Listen to one and see if your income hasn’t changed over the course of six months or less. I’m sure you’ll see results, if you’ve taken action of course.

You’ll gain value while doing this, and come out a better person for it.

Second Basic: Give Value Via Empathetic Affinity

Why should you listen to me on giving value while showing empathetic affinity? Because one of the now viral social media marketing expert says to CARE. Gary Vaynerchuk knows in order for businesses to succeed is to show empathy for another human being.

Well he’s right. Don’t you think so?

What does this mean? It means replying back to comments posted on your social media networks.

All of them.

Understand another human being and try to give them what they desire by knowing where they hang out online and offline, if possible.

This is basically what MARKETING is.

It just hasn’t been voiced in this way. I’m just shining a light on it, because marketing can be used for good and bring value back to the consumer.

Third Basic: Use Your Network and Relationships

When your in business for yourself whether online or offline, do you ever stop to think who can help you? Over the past few years, there‘s one strategic marketer that knows, “To succeed, you must work alongside others by collaborating, partnering, and using their relational capital” which is what Jay Abraham sums up in his Ultimate Entrepreneur podcast.

If your in business to succeed, then you can’t succeed alone. By trying to do everything by yourself from selling, responding, creating, email checking, and raising money, your limiting what you actually love doing to meaningless tasks that someone else can do for you.

Not only can you hand small tasks to another person like a virtual marketing assistant, but you can even increase your efficiency in business by joining forces with other people that compliment your business.

Let’s say you want to increase your profits by selling donuts, cookies and small cakes in your bakery, but your a small business and you know it may take you awhile before you can sell large quantities from all over the U.S.

You can look at larger restaurants or another large bakery that compliments your business, but not selling what you have in your bakery. They have built their business on a large scale, because they took the time. You can call them to ask if they would like to sell your baked items in their business and say you would only want a smaller percentage of the profit then they take the larger cut.

They say yes, because who doesn’t like more money? You rinse and repeat this method to other businesses. You then grow larger in less than two years which gives you more profits.Your brand will become more known as well.

If you want more of an understanding, I’d suggest taking a look at marketing legend Jay Abraham. He’s responsible for turning thousands of business around and creating massive profits.

By using other peoples resources, you making it easier for your business to succeed plus it all ties back to marketing. When you understand what another business wants, and you have what they want, you can then offer it to them in exchange to help you achieve your goal. Whatever it may be.

This is marketing at its best, especially when you clearly define the problem of another business that you have the solution for.

Fourth Basic: Define the problem

Whether they know it or not, someone always has a problem needing a solution to help make their lives easier. By putting yourself in a position to find out “what” exactly is the problem, then doing everything in your power to find the solution, you’re using your inner success mechanism.

My…What? Success Mechanism?

In a book called “Psycho-cybernetics”, I’ve read that we humans have built in success mechanisms. This means we are built to succeed no matter what obstacles may “seem” to be in our way. We operate by trial and error until we find the solution that ultimately leads to success.

In order for our success mechanism to work, we must have a chief aim or target goal in mind. So if you put someone else’s problem, be it your customer, or client, as your target goal then your success mechanism will find the solution.

When you do this, your setting yourself and your customer or client up to win every time. It works when you know the end result will give you what you desire most.

For example: I have a client who has a problem of not getting enough engagement and streamline into her coaching business. I clearly defined her problem by asking her a series of questions from who, what, when, where, why and how that ultimately led me to a solution. I carved the solution out after looking over the answers and writing out ways she can improve this.

My goal was to solve her problem, because I desired to help her. Which is what motivated me to find the solution.

It’s as simple as that. As long as the questions you ponder are directed to the end result of what you desire most, and use that as motivation to solve the problem, the solution will come naturally.

Your Off To The Races

The four marketing basics can be used in your business if you apply it. Even if you do just the first basic, you’ll be better off then before you started.

Marketing should be fun and exciting as well as the game of life. So make the most of this life, because like Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Your gonna die”.

What a great motivator to drive your business to success.