Meet Harrison. Harrison is “good, loving, caring, and kind hearted.” Harrison is also a fake account, though it might not look like it on first glance.

First, the alphanumeric username isn’t a giveaway on its own. Lots of people keep the name they’re assigned.

The fact that the account was created recently isn’t necessarily a problem either. People join and leave Twitter every day.

There’s also the fact that Harrison appears to converse with people beyond the normal “Hello” and “Pretty” scammers use to start conversations. In the below, he even extends a friendly greeting to someone like he knows…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s (redacted) report released last week lays out in stunning detail Russia’s sophisticated covert influence campaign to ensnare the Trump campaign, our election processes, and the American people. These findings have far-reaching national security implications. Here are the five biggest national security takeaways from the report:

1. Russian intelligence circled the Trump campaign and eventual administration like sharks looking for access and information. Moscow recruited Carter Page, one of Trump’s eventual foreign policy advisers, as an intelligence asset as early as 2013 (pg. 97). The report details many other links between members of the Trump campaign and…

Taking Action: Things You Can Do *Right Now* to Help Fix the Country

When every day seems to be worse than the last, it can be hard to know what to do. When you do try to help, it can feel a little like bringing a pale of water to a forest fire. But ignoring our problems as a country will not make them go away and if you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do, respectfully — you may already be behind.

For some of the things you see on this list, you may wonder how it will help change the political course of our country. People do not…

By. Cindy Otis

As a CIA officer, I spent most of my time on “crisis” accounts and working on task forces where the hours were long and the stress high. Later in my career, I managed a large branch of analysts in the Directorate of Intelligence, the part of the CIA tasked with combing through multiple streams of intelligence to provide senior U.S. government officials with assessments on fast-moving events.My employees looked at political, security, economic, and leadership issues affecting one of our country’s top national security priorities. They were tasked with keeping policymakers updated and informed, and with laying…

Cindy Otis

Former CIA analyst & White House Intel briefer. Author of TRUE OR FALSE: A CIA Analyst’s Guide to Fake News. Bylines:NYT, CNN, USAT, etc. Twitter:@CindyOtis_.

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