“Why Do I Do This?” The Realtor Wondered Aloud…

“Why do I do this?” The Realtor® wondered aloud. While sitting in her car, waiting for her clients to arrive, she gave it some thought, From the minute they first lay their eyes on me, she thought, there’s a connection.
It’s not just marketing oneself in hopes of earning the respect of the public and catching that call from an interested “prospect”. No. It’s participating in someone’s future. 
The prospects approach the Realtor®, whispering, “He/she looks like they know what they’re doing, maybe.” Or, “I really would like to turn around and forget the whole thing.” Or, “I expected him/her to look more like their photo.” Giggle. Giggle. 
The Realtor® whispers to his/herself, “They look like a nice little family.” Or, “I hope they’ll be a great experience to work with.” Or, “Oh, this will be fun.” 
Then, everyone shakes hands, smiles, and says “hello”. They sit, wiggling comfortably into their chairs. 
From that minute, everyone has expectations of where the conversation should go. So, they take a deep breath in. 
By the third week, the Realtor® knows a little about the family, good and bad. The oldest son played soccer but hated it. The youngest girl has her daddy’s flare for the dramatics, says the mother. The Realtor® sees the fright in his/her client’s eyes as the conversation turns to signatures and commitment of an offer. 
On the morning of closing, as the clients’ eyes are dark-circled from packing all night, the Realtor® realizes that once he/she parts ways with his/her clients, that will be it. They won’t need the Realtor® any longer. But, as the Realtor® shakes the client’s hands, they are reminded once again that they can call the Realtor® anytime if they have further questions or, concerns. But, the Realtor® knows they rarely do. They’ll be fine. On social media, the Realtor® sees photos of the moving truck parked in front of the client’s new home. The family’s moving in. The parents complain about the kids fighting over the largest bedroom then comment about what they want to do to the backyard. The Realtor® just hopes his/her clients will decorate their fridge with the business card magnet the Realtor® gave them. 
Through the years, the Realtor® watches the kids graduate high school then move out of the same house on to college through photos that the parents post. 
So, it’s not just marketing oneself in hopes of earning the respect of the public and catching that call from an interested “prospect”. No. It’s contributing to a family’s growth; helping a retired couple in love sell their home to prepare to travel the world in their RV. It’s the newlyweds with stars in their eyes buying their first house, an investor building his/her business. It’s the adult children having to sell the house they grew up in. Just for that short time, a Realtor® is part of a family’s next chapter. 
She looks through her rearview mirror and sees her clients pull up behind her in a minivan, chock-full of happy faces. They pile out, four kids and their parents. The Realtor reaches for the house key and file from the passenger seat. She smiles, “They look like a nice little family.” 
Cindy Baker
Owner, Key Harbor Properties, Cypress, Texas