Why My Weapons Are Words

I am concerned about the future of this planet Earth. Although there are many people who believe in catastrophic climate change, there are many others who don’t. In our current U.S. government, we have politicians in prominent roles who not only deny the reality of climate change, but who seem to actively want to destroy the Earth as we know it. My background is in psychology, and I long ago learned a word to describe the innate longing that most humans possess for closeness with nature and other life forms: biophilia.

However, I have come to the conclusion that there are some individuals who have a type of unnamed pathology when it comes to relating to nature. These are people who actively seek to destroy what is left of the natural world, to replace our national parks and monuments with oil fields and fracking wells. They want to burn down rain forests in pursuit of financial gain, not caring about the human and environmental cost of these atrocities. They seem motivated by a strange, religious-based zeal that permits them to do unspeakable and irreparable damage to the Earth, our only known home, and they just don’t care about the long term consequences. They don’t care that ocean levels are rising, that the polar caps are melting, that the end result will be a type of suffering never before experienced by the inhabitants of this planet. It’s not that they don’t know about the long term damage this will cause — they honestly don’t care. Now, my money, all that matters is that I profit, is all they can think about.

None of this is normal. In psychology, we have words used to describe various pathological conditions — a person who hates other humans is a misanthrope, a person who hates women is a misogynist — what we need are words to accurately describe the people who hate this planet. We need words that capture the extremity of this hatred. “Biophobia” doesn’t begin to do justice to the humans who are killing this planet. So I am proposing some new words to truthfully convey the extent of the hatred of these people. Since there are many who feel the Earth itself is a type of living being, I propose the term “misgaiaism” to describe the hatred that some humans feel towards the planet. For those of a more religious bent, I propose the term “anti-creation” to label these people. We can’t really fight our enemy until we can say who our enemy is, and this is why we need words to tell the truth about who and what we are fighting against.

In the end, words are the only type of weapon I know how to use effectively. So I intend to use them to protect this Earth that I love and call home.