Outlander Episode 201, “Through a Glass, Darkly”
Hope Russell Nunki

OK. So I feel like an idiot that I didn’t catch on to the window motif. I’m usually so tuned into the symbolism. On the other hand (pun intended) I did see and enjoy the continued hand theme. (Actually, as an English teacher, I’d call it a motif.) The transition from Frank to Jamie was a bit much, but I appreciate the cinematography aspect of it. As for #almostTeamFrank: I’m a fan of Tobias, but not of Frank. I appreciated the hospital and return to Inverness scenes with Frank, but I thought they were too long. I needed to see more Claire and Jamie reunion in addition to the Frank stuff. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVED the addition of the Frank stuff, but like one of the earlier commenters here, I felt like there was a missing J and C sexual healing scene or two. I also like the fact that Claire had Mrs. Graham to talk to about her past and Jamie, but I felt like her comments short changed him. Really? A good sense of humor and a good mop of red hair? There was so much more to him. I get it that for TV it worked to have Claire talk to someone rather than use voice overs, but there could have been more to that conversation in my humble opinion. Sam didn’t get enough opportunity to showcase Jamie’s recovery, nor the joy of being with Claire. That scene where he was all scrunched down in the bed pillows while Claire talked about future plans in Paris bothered me because he looked so low and shrunken down. I get that he was still injured, but where was his spunk? I understand that getting gingerly got out of bed while holding his injured hand showed he was still healing, but the slumped shoulders seemed too much. The tender hugs and sweet kisses throughoiut the show where nice, but I think after Droughtlander, we needed more. I hope I don’t seem totally negative. These comments are meant to an analysis. I absolutely adored the show. I’m so proud to be an Outlander fan. I think Ron Moore and crew are absolutely brilliant.

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