Celebs and Presidents and why hackers like playing with them in cyberland!

According to the news today, the Twitter accounts of famous celebs and ex-presidents and people of ‘notoriety’ were hacked in an effort to secure bitcoin.

It is understood about $100K was scammed by hackers before it was realised what was going on.

This demonstrates two-fold the nature of humans and the nature of hackers. I talk about them like they are 2 different species, but really… they’re not… they just play the game of life differently. How do I know this? I know both humans and I know both sides.

So, what was the point of doing the Twitter hack…


Hopefully, you have grabbed yourself a nice coffee to devour as you sit and read this and contemplate what your new life might look like in this COVID-19 crisis and what it means to you and your family in terms of schooling, or home-schooling.

Before you get out the clipboard and pen and begin to get overwhelmed just take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. …

Having homeschooled my daughter in the past and now being part of the “self-iso movement” for COVID-19, I feel really comfortable writing this piece.

My understanding is that school’s will be closed later this week. So, I give it a few days and then we are all at home googling, “How do I homeschool my kids?”

My first advice is don’t be scared! About homeschooling that is. It can be a really unique and wonderful time and we really enjoyed our adventure a few years ago.

Remember your grandparents cooking? Lots of different smells, magic uses, techniques and cooking creations from all parts of the food source whether it be animal or vegetable? They knew how to cook and maximise nutrients whilst learning about the scarcity of food.

I remember having this conversation with my Mum recently — I have quite a small pantry and try to live minimal, eat mostly fresh and I used to complain when she would turn up with multiple tins of food and lentils.

“I’m not cooking and stocking up like I am in a war!” …

The term “GIG economy” as I found out recently is a new and trending term for what us, “old-schoolers” would refer to as independent freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs.

The term is likened to the way that a band will play a couple of “gigs” and then move on with their skill to another venue. They choose to work gigs rather than look for long-term employment. This type of economy (a Gig economy), is commonplace and often characterised by temporary and flexible jobs.

Why is this so important now in the face of COVID-19?

Because contractors and entrepreneurs are often quickest…

Overnight it was announced that this year’s annual TED conference which was to be held in Vancouver in April has been postponed until July following the news that CO-VID19 is spreading. Speakers were initially offered the option to record their ‘talk’ to present online.

What is significant about this, as we see many public events changing their events position and format in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus, is the technology that is being used as an alternative. …

Cindy Rochstein

Communications/PR/Freelance Journo & Author. Specialising in Conscious Education, Mental Health, Health & Wellness, Tech, Charities & NFPs (Pencils Community).

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