My Obama Moment (s)

Roll ’Em Up

My President. My President does something consistently that may be considered a frivolous fashion gesture. Some may say that it is quite purposeful. Perhaps it was not even his idea.

I. Don’t. Care.

To me, I have always admired someone who rolls up their sleeves. That corny adage: “Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.” Right? That’s My President. And let me tell you, if Barak Obama didn’t do the work or fight the fight, those sleeves would look so freaking fake rolled up the way they are. But, I challenge anyone to deny that President Barak Obama’s rolled-up sleeves are anything but regal. (and sexy. oops. did I write that??)

I had the pleasure and honor of hearing My President speak this past summer in Colombus, Ohio. When he spoke from that lectern, you bet those sleeves were rolled up. And hell YES he was working. Hard. He was working to ensure that our country continues on the path to: 1) preserving our Democracy: 2) as well as further guaranteeing thru legislation the equalities and rights of all Americans. And Barak Obama’s work will not be for naught. No. We will continue to be #strongertogether because #YesWeCan —especially if we keep our sleeves rolled up as I learned from My President.


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