Cynthia, fair points.
Ranjeet Tate


Thanks for the adjustment you made. I like your cardinal rule for remembering the human behind the post.

My understanding is that Hillary has accepted responsibility for losing the election. One is allowed, while accepting responsibility, to figure out what went wrong and what may have contributed to a failure. Whether you agree with her assessment or not, it enhances our understanding.

My comment was intended to support Sam’s essay defending Hillary and forwarding the opinion that her book embodies a voice we shouldn’t be trying to silence. Also, Hillary is beloved by millions, (myself included), and I hope she will be a useful, energetic, and influential voice in future political discourse.

I believe the Democratic party took a significant shift to the left during this election cycle and continues to evolve. I think a strategy of rewarding that shift would be much more effective than punishing the party for not shifting enough.

If we look for complete agreement with our interpretation of events before we consider alliances around issues, we may be looking, and losing, for a long time.

You said “Why is it always and only about HRC?” I don’t know what “it” you mean. Most “it”s are not about HRC, but Sam’s essay titled “Defending Hillary Clinton and ‘What Happened’” is about HRC and defending her right to continue to contribute her voice, thus we are talking about her in this comment thread.

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