On depth and breadth of impact

The desire to make the world a better place is a sentiment shared by many. In attempt to achieve this task, it is easy to focus on large and complex problems because of their scale: problems such as homelessness, rampant poverty, and social injustice. However, we should not discount the importance of also devoting time to efforts whose impact is of lesser breadth but greater depth.

I believe trying to be understanding and generous in our interactions with others is an often undervalued endeavor. You can be understanding by giving others the benefit of the doubt and restraining the reactive nature that encourages us to feel annoyed, grow jealous, and judge harshly. You can be generous not only with your wealth but also with your time, listening ears, and assumptions.

While taking the time to help those around you get through rougher patches in their lives concentrates your impact, there is a possibility that such an investment will become a force multiplier. Even if you are devoting many resources to helping one particular friend, you could be inadvertently impacting many more individuals by unlocking the talents your friend can offer to the world only after stresses are alleviated, and mental burdens lifted.

Sometimes, it is worth slowing down and asking, “how can I make the world a better place for one person?”

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