Introducing Movie Token Offerings

2 min readSep 5, 2021

What is a movie token or film token? [Video Link]

It is a digital representation of your ownership or rights in a movie or film project. Depending on the project’s token-rights, as a token holder you can potentially have access to revenue streams, vote on film project decisions, and own control of a financial asset that you can hold or trade in the future.

What is a movie token offering? [Video Link]

Simply put, a movie token offering is the sale of a digital token representing an equity stake in a film (kind of like a stock). The movie asset/project is divided into a specific number of tokens determined by the creator, producer, or filmmaker. Each token has a set price and represents a percentage of the project’s ownership and rights. Once the sale begins an investor can purchase those tokens which will be stored in that investor’s digital account wallet and the revenue generated from that movie can be transferred directly to your personal bank account or crypto wallet.

Get it? You bought a piece of a movie represented by a digital token and can keep or sell that ownership in the future.

What is an IFO / IMO?

An IFO is an initial film offering or IMO is an initial movie offering. They are basically the same thing. It is simply the first time that a film/movie asset is offered up to the general public as an investment or collectible. The digital offering can be a collectible NFT (non-fungible token) or an investable STO (security token) based on the issuers preference. A movie/film NFT requires minimal to zero regulatory compliance, while a movie/film STO requires full regulatory compliance.

What is CineBlock? [Video Link]

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