Ask Ethan: Could we save the Earth by migrating it away from the Sun?
Ethan Siegel

Moving the earth is a near impossible yet posible futuristic solution, but that may lean us into a possible gravitational collision with Mars… I rather prepare to build a series of space four (4) stations lined up -to be used as launching pads- for a gradual migration of people and life supporting supplies from earth to mars; once there we can adjust to the changing climate and prepare a bigger ship between Mars and Jupiter from which, eventually use the gravitational pull and the orbit of Jupiter to catapult our Genesis-explorer-battle ships into the the nearest star…

Hey, we humans are not a friendly bunch, we should not expect that other life forms are less that we are…confused?

This would require that humans today, identify our ancestral DNA, owns it, embrace it and dedicate our limited life span to preserve humanity… Lot of personal evolution and science education is needed… our chances of survival? -0.0001

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