5 Line Movie Time: SUICIDE SQUAD (3D DBOX)

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BIASES: 40 year-old black male; erstwhile screenwriter who
 favors action, comedy, and glossy, big budget movies over foreign
 flicks, kiddie flicks, and weepy Merchant Ivory fare

MOVIE BIASES: The marketing got progressively better, yet the recent critical backlash and troubled post-production is concerning as hell.

MAJOR PLAYERS: Will Smith (Focus), Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club), Margot Robbie (Focus), Viola Davis (TV’s “How to Get Away with Murder”), and writer/director David Ayer (Fury).

Case in point the Crazy-Hot Index exists.

We’ve all seen the trailers by now: ruthless government badass Amanda Waller (Davis) assembles some of the world’s worst criminals — natural firebug Diablo (Jay Hernandez), mysterious and magical Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), flirty and fearless psycho(logist) Harley Quinn (Robbie), and doting father/”killer paid by credit card” Deadshot (Smith) to name a few — to take on the dangerous meta-human threat in Midway City, as well as the unhinged career criminal the Joker (Leto) who’s still crushing on his incarcerated girlfriend.

This is exactly the type of movie that makes moviegoers roll their eyes at movie critics; Rotten Tomatoes, y’all need to take a breath. With a blundering, mishmash of a third act leading to a showdown against villains whose powers are never quite fully defined, I can understand from where the current 27% Tomatometer comes with the critics. Still, with the adorably violent turn by Robbie as Harley Quinn to a swaggering, wisecracking Smith in a welcome return to top action hero form, there is a lot to like in this breezy, off-the-cuff entertainment. Although Leto’s Joker is forever cursed to be compared to Heath Ledger’s indelible, Oscar-worthy performance in the same role — only to be found wanting as a disparate collection of random eccentricities — this movie’s #SquadGoals have largely been achieved, especially in rollicking D-Box seats.



It’s pretty hot, go give it a shot.

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