Welcome to the Call Sheet of the Week, highlighting the highest scoring call sheet in the CinemaDraft game.

Analysis: This is starting to get ridiculous. With nothing but pride to play for while immensely distracted during a work trip to LA, CinemaDraftSwag prevailed again with the highest scoring call sheet for the third week in a row. Building around a core 4-pack of THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE and headliner stack of THE BOSS BABY, he added two GET OUT actors + Octavia Spencer’s headliner points from HIDDEN FIGURES for good measure. Thanks to the overperformance of the A- CinemaScore rated BABY, CinemaDraftSwag bossed his way to winning the CSOTW once again!

BEAT MY SHEET: CinemaDraft is now offering a weekly $25 bounty to the player with the highest call sheet AND can beat the CEO, CinemaDraftSwag, at his own game. If no one steps up, the bounty is cumulative: This week’s bounty is a whopping $100! Do you have what it takes to beat his sheet?

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