Welcome to the Call Sheet of the Week, highlighting the highest scoring call sheet in the CinemaDraft game.

Analysis: The king is dead! Long live the king! Arise, noble Ringballs22, whose Feature Presentation call sheet narrowly beat gamble24x7’s Background Talent call sheet by a slender .59 points to win the Call Sheet of the Week! Using the de facto strategy (that clearly eluded the game’s founder) of headliner stacks from THE BOSS BABY and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Ringballs22 completed the “Scrubs” portion of this Stars & Scrubs strategy by squeezing in a headliner from GET OUT before punting away the rest of his call sheet with near-minimum priced actors from THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE and T2: TRAINSPOTTING. Showing that CinemaDraft is a game of hundredths (of a point), it was the surprising amount of gas in the tank of GET OUT that would prove the difference. As the $25 bounty will now be progressive — building upon each week it hasn’t been won — congrats to Ringballs22 for winning $100 worth of bounties and the CSOTW!

BEAT MY SHEET: CinemaDraft is now offering a weekly $25 bounty to the player with the highest call sheet AND can beat the CEO, CinemaDraftSwag, at his own game. If no one steps up, the bounty is cumulative: Last week’s bounty was a whopping $100! Do you have what it takes to beat his sheet?

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