Welcome to the Call Sheet of the Week, highlighting the highest scoring call sheet in the CinemaDraft game.


Analysis: On the lowest scoring CinemaDraft weekend to date thegodofcheese turned in a heavenly performance amongst a sea of dreck. His headliner-heavy call sheet leaned on the second weekend of THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD, and the third weekend of ANNABELLE: CREATION. Even though BIRTH OF THE DRAGON birthed few audiences, its headliner stack, plus a headliner from ALL SAINTS, helped nudge him over the top. Congrats to thegodofcheese for earning the $25 bonus and winning Call Sheet of the Week!

BEAT MY SHEET: CinemaDraft is now offering a weekly $25 bounty to the player with the highest call sheet AND can beat the CEO, CinemaDraftSwag, at his own game. If no one steps up, the bounty is cumulative week-to-week. This week’s bounty is now $25! Do you have what it takes to beat his sheet?

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