Random Unfinished Short Script

EXT. night Dimly lit alleyway — Med shot

A woman walks down a dark alley, her long black hair flowing in the breeze, her hands tucked in the pockets of her jacket.

The night is hazy, the yellow glare of the street lamps a stark contrast to the black of the night.

EXT. night close up side profile/Shadow

She takes a deep breath, the soft clacking of her shoes on the hard pavement echo around her, a slow smile creeps across her face.

The faint sound of a car engine can be heard in the distance. She turns around, shielding her eyes from the glare. The smile fading from her face.

EXT. night med shot headlights/glare

The car creeps forward and stops, its tires crinkling on the pavement, the headlights bright, lighting up the dark corridor of the alley.

The low hum of the engine idling sounds incredibly loud in the stillness. The driver side door opens, a man steps out, silhouetted barely visible.

EXT night med shot behind car

EXT night Two shot master side profile scene

Her arms slowly drop to her sides, eyes becoming accustomed to the light. Her right hand slips down by her thigh, a .45 AUTO hidden out of view, but easily reachable.

Took me awhile to find you.

His voice is relaxed, familiar. Momentarily startled by the sound of his voice, she relaxes.

That’s because you weren’t supposed to. I told you not to follow me, I guess my aim is worse than I thought.

Can’t say I was ever good at listening, was i?

EXT. med close up woman

The start of a smile has returned to her lips, she looks at him, a deep sadness in her eyes.

No, I can’t say that you were.


INT. morning Bedroom

The woman sits on a bed alone, white sheets wrapped around her. Her gaze is pointed out the window, watching the trees sway back and forth as the curtains flutter with the breeze.

INT. slow pan — bedroom broll // pictures // sparse furniture

Int. close up woman // hair flutter and reaction

She takes a deep breath, from behind her the sound of pots and cookware clanging can be heard drifting in from the other room.

A man walks in to the doorway, she turns her head and looks back at him.

Int. rack focus close up to med shot man in doorway

He leans against the doorframe, a smile spreads across his face.

Finally awake I see. You coming to get breakfast or what? These eggs aren’t going to eat themselves.

He says playfully, a slightly dirty apron hanging loosely from his neck. The smell of eggs and toast wafts in to the room.

I’ll be right there, just shaking the sleep Adam.

She tosses him a disarming smile, reaching for her phone, she checks the time and shoots him another disarming smile, he chuckles turning his back to walk back in to the kitchen.

INT. Med shot

His back turned, she slides a pistol out from beneath the pillow on the bed, inspects it, sliding her finger down the silencer.

The smile leaves her face, a deep sigh escaping her lips.

Adam, come here.

She calls his name quietly, reluctantly.

Yeah, Terra, What’s up?

I’m sorry.

She turns her body to face him, leveling the pistol. He turns around to look at her, confusion on his face. He sees the gun and freezes.

The shots are quick, and three in short succession. The slugs hammering his chest, the world spins, he crumples. A word not able to escape his lips.

She gets up off the bed, the sheet still draped around her. Clothes still thrown around the room.

Slowly she walks over to him as he lay on the ground, the pistol hanging limply from her hand.

I’m so sorry. If it was another place and time……

He looks up at her from the floor, his shirt soaked red, droplets of blood sliding from the corner of his lips.

His arm weakly raises off the floor, trying to reach her but lacking the strength.


She looks down sadly at him. Her body saying she’s reluctant to leave, but her mind knowing she must. Now more than ever.

She puts her fingers to her lips and kisses them, then presses them to his. The last kiss he’d ever get, from the woman who just put three rounds in to his chest.

It doesn’t matter now does it?

She replies, then gathers her clothes, gets dressed and walks out of the room. As she leaves she casts him one last glance, no emotion in her face.

INT. dolley out // Top down of body // slight spin



EXT. dusk (still light) park square // medium

Terra walks briskly through the darkening park, (light jacket activewear), to the fountain in the square. The air is cool, breath clearly visible flowing evenly from her lips, the scattered lamps providing ample dull light. She stops at the fountain, then calmly sits down on the lip. Her one hand drifts down to the edge of the water, she dips her fingertips in and drags them through the water slowly.

Her eyes scan the surrounding area, one hand resting lightly near the barely noticeable but reassuring bulge of her .45 under her jacket.

She should be here by now.

She says quietly to herself, glancing at her watch. She reaches in to her pocket and pulls out her iPhone. The screen illuminates harshly against the dusk. She opens the messages app and shoots off a message. Placing it back in her pocket she stands up and runs through a series of stretches (like a runner prepping) as her phone buzzes, she checks the message and resumes stretching.

Not paying much attention are you?

Startled Terra spins around to greet the voice.

I guess not Hiname. Can’t you ever just sit out in the open for a meet, or do you get a kick out of appearing from nowhere?

Haha, You know me. So, should i join you for a run?

She moves beside @terra and matches the warm up.

So, down to business I suppose. Let’s go.

The two set off together, matching pace, jogging towards the park exit.

It’s done.

She blurts out between breaths.

Shit, not much for subtlety. Well, you can put this behind you. I know you actually liked him, fucking sucks.

Her eyes forward @hiname stares ahead as she runs, a slightly pained distant expression on her face.

I did what I had to do. My feelings don’t really matter at this point.

No, they still do. You have to carry this now, the first sticks with you. Totally gets easier though.

She says with a wink.

Not sure I want it to get easier.


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