French startup CINEMUR launches its own virtual reality studio called “CINEMVR”

Apr 6, 2016 · 2 min read

Press Release • Paris • April 6, 2016

The Paris based startup CINEMUR annonces today the launch of its own virtual reality studio called “CINEMVR” focused on cinema, video and mobile technologies. On this occasion, the team has published today a first beta version of a new VR application for Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR in which you’ll soon be able to watch movies and series with friends in a theater-like experience.

This early beta version allows you to watch trailers inside a virtual theater built with Unity3D and DRM protected video players for premium content streaming.

With all major vendors releasing public version of their headsets in 2016, CINEMUR decided to jump into virtual reality during summer 2015. This is the kind of projects the team has always enjoyed since the company very first days: create innovative user experiences at the crossroads of technology and design.

“Innovative user experiences to discover & watch movies.”

CINEMVR studio will focus on developing proprietary new technologies for VR and will create new innovative experiments for itself or its customers in France and worldwide.


Our roadmap is ambitious and here are some short term next steps:

  • 360 video mode with optimized streaming technology
  • Playback from SD cards, Youtube & Facebook
  • New 3D scenes & models
  • Spatialized sounds
  • Socialization using avatars and friends
  • Support for Cardboards, HTC Vive and Playstation VR

Industrial partners & content owners

CINEMUR is now looking for industrial partners and content owners to create a full premium VOD platform for VR or tailored apps and experiences. Feel free to contact to discuss further informations.


CINEMUR is a Paris based startup of 15 people powering one of the top movie discovery service on the french market called “Ciné-Loisirs” in partnership with Prisma Media group and also offering digital solutions and e-commerce platforms for VOD and SVOD such as

The launch of this new studio dedicated to VR for cinema, video and mobile technologies is a continuation of company’s first mission: create new experiences at the cutting edge of technology and design.

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