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CinEvents partnered with IMG/Turner as their pilot event to broadcast ELEAGUE Season 2 Grand Finals for UK fans in Westfield on 3rd December 2016.


CinEvents offered CS:GO fans the chance to watch all the action live on the big screen via a high quality and reliable live stream.

Cinema attendees had the opportunity to witness the remaining two teams battle it out to see who would be crowned the Season 2 champions of 2016.

The PR begins:

Social Media:

Vue promoted the event on their site and social media channels:

CinEvents partnered with Kerrang! Radio and the event featured as part of the Kerrang! Radio gaming show 1 week prior to the event.

Tickets were given away to their listeners via their social media channels.

Pre show content created by the Kerrang! Radio team to run on screen prior to the live broadcast.

Copy of Kerrang! Magazine included in the goodie/swag bag that all cinema attendees received on the night.


As well as a copy of Kerrang! Magazine, Cinema attendees received swag bags…

CinEvents supplied grenade stress toys which also facilitated the competition mechanic.

Monster gave cans of Monster energy drink to keep the audience alert so they didn’t miss a minute of the action alongside stickers in the swag bags.

and HyperX the official headset sponsor of ELEAGUE supplied 4 Stinger Cloud headsets as prize giveaways to Westfield cinema attendees.

GAME provided tickets to Insomnia59 to engage the audience post event via an experience survey, with the view of being more present with more involvement at future events.


Event Feedback

Enjoyment of the event rated by 4/5.

18% of the respondents heard about the event via Vue — 31% word of mouth.

The audience would be keen to see more giveaways, activity in foyer and merchandise at future events.

88% of the audience would be keen to hear more about ELEAGUE majors in cinema.

Team merchandise topped the list of what fans would like see available to buy in foyer.

Customer Feedback

“Everything was enjoyable.”

“Good night, nice to be around like minded individuals and enjoy watching together. Thank you.”

“Great gaming. Thanks!”

“Really enjoyed it — was great getting to watch it on the big screen! And there wasn’t a single hitch with the broadcast.”

“A great way to meet up with mates and watch together.”+

“Really looking forward to seeing more eSports events like this one on the big screen.”

For more information on this event or more about CinEvents please email us at hello@cinevents.co.uk.

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