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Fathom engaged CinEvents to distribute the ‘Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You’ across the UK and Europe for a two-night special event on the 5th & 6th November 2017. Due to public demand encore screenings were added.

To mark the 20th anniversary Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! was released in 371 UK & Irish cinemas as the origin story highlighting Ash & Pikachu’s first meeting and their adventures as they search for the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh.

All attendees who purchased tickets for the November 5th and 6th showings received a never-before-seen Pokémon TCG card and an 8 -page mini magazine courtesy of The Pokemon Official Magazine. Cinemagoers also received a QR Code that unlocked an in-game event in the highly anticipated Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon video games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Cinema attendees were also treated to a special reel of fun Pokémon content that had never been seen before in cinemas.


Fathom and CinEvents’s ticketing hub created by Powster was used across all territories:

Pokémon & Press announces the Pokémon movie is coming to the UK for 5 & 6th November:


Pokemon releases the full official trailer across their social media platforms
Positive comments from The Mirror

CinEvents secured a post from UniLad Film to support the trailer release: The post received: 15M views, 230K reactions, 97K comments, 226K shares. It proved to be UniLad Film’s most popular ever post with fantastic like to share ratios :

UniLad Film shares the Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Trailer targeting the nostalgic fans.

With such a great engagement UniLad also shared the trailer:

57K reactions, 11K shares and 2.6M views.


CinEvents partnered with Immediate Media to promote the film in their publications. In Mega magazine a full page was used to advertise the event, plus an appearance in the ‘What’s Hot’ article in Girl Talk. The most relevant advertising was in the Pokémon Official Magazine; along with promoting the film in their October issue with the opportunity to win tickets to the film, the magazine created a pull out poster with quizzes, and activities supporting the release, they also supplied 60,000 exclusive 8- page mini magazines for cinema attendees to be distributed on the day.

Total readers reach: c. 160,000

Cinema attendees were delighted with the free magazine and shared photos on social media:


Kids soft play centres: With families a core part of Pokémon’s target audience (4 to early teens), 47 play centres such as KidZania (London)- an indoor city run by kids- was a perfect location for 6 sheet posters. Specifically KidZania has an animation studio where at this particular time, children could create a story with their favourite Pokémon characters which correlated nicely. Impressions per site: 2,500 adults and 3,750 children for a 2 week period over the October school holiday.

JCDecaux UK: CinEvents ran a digital 6 sheet campaign in shopping malls across the country from 9th-22nd October, with focus on major cities i.e. London & Edinburgh. The total number of impressions for this campaign was: 3.9m.

Online marketing campaign: Utilising sponsored posts of Facebook and YouTube, the aim was to create some buzz around the event, targeting nostalgic fans of the franchise and parents with young Pokémon fans. The campaign exceeded 2.2m impressions:

Keeping messaging simple: Awareness of a cinema event nationwide and the key dates.
Social media reactions to the trailer release.

Fandom: CinEvents ran promotional activity with Fandom including page takeovers, MPU’s, Skins banners and skyscrapers. Results: 560k impressions and 3.8k click throughs.

This activity also resulted in interaction via the Wikia Pokemon communities including articles and blogs.

MCM Comic Con London: Via CinEvents Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You full trailer was shown outside Excel London on their large screen for the Comic Con event from 27th- 29th October. According to their website a record-breaking number of 133, 156 people attended the three day pop culture fest.

Prior to the event the MyMBuzz comic con website hosted a Pokémon film takeover:

Exposure across the website, schedules and leaflets.

Prior and post event social media encouraged attendees to enter the competitions to win tickets:

Ticket giveaway post
Impressions from Comic Con’s social media posts total impressions: 64.7K.

The film sponsored the MyMBuzz stage:

Stage in plain view with high reach potential. In between talks the screen showed the official trailer and advertised the dates for the event. Attendees could be heard mentioning the Pokémon film so positive feedback on the advertising.
Large audiences gathered at the stage especially with talent such as Anthony Mackie (Captain America/Marvel films) Above images show how Pokémon was advertised across Youtube, Comic Con’s filming and on the MyMBuzz stage.
Lots of Pokemon fans at Comic Con.

For two days of the event; 5,000 Comic Con premium ticket holders were given goodie bags which included a competition to win one of 50 pairs of cinema tickets to see the Pokémon film the following weekend.

The competition was also advertised on the MCM Comic Con London website:


CinEvents provided, trailers, Quads, social cards and other online imagery which cinemas utilised to promote the event across their channels causing fans to share the event into societies and fan pages to gather interest:

Cineworld using the social media artwork designed by CinEvents.
Fans post in various fan pages and relevant societies about the film to organise a trip within that group.


With ticket giveaways and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon goodies supplied from Pokémon, NetMums & Hey U Guys were able to promote the film through competitions gaining lots of interest across families online:

HeyUGuys also shared the event on their social media channels and advertised the film on their website’s homepage.


On 27th October, TPCi / Hope and Glory hosted the the fun-filled Movie 20 screening. The event was attended by 101 guests which included a mixture of national press, games, film, features and Pokémon influencers/fan sites.

Notable guests included Ryan Brown (The Mirror), Ben Walsh (Independent), Lucy James (Gamespot), Jordan Waite (Londonist) and Vicki Psarias (Honest Mum):


“The animation is slick, expressive, and dynamic. The camera moves in wild and creative ways to show off exciting chase scenes and explosive battles. Pokémon evolution has a new, dazzling effect that better emphasizes how the creature is morphing and growing.” — IGN

“With gorgeous animation and an intriguing change to the story that kids and adults have come to know, it’s definitely the best Pokémon movie out there.” — The Lincolnite

Madmumof7 blog review
Page to Stage review

Minimum reach- Websites+3M, Twitter +671K, Instagram +362K

There were a lot of reviews and discussions around the exciting fact Pikachu spoke which created a lot of buzz from fans and press alike.

“Most importantly, there’s a particular scene with Pikachu at the end of the movie that made a lot of us in the theatre gasp in astonishment and howl with laughter for five entire minutes. You literally won’t believe what happens, I promise you. I’m still not over it.” — Daily Mirror


Pokemon releases a new version of the iconic theme from the ’90s anime for the new film, creating further anticipation for the event:

Fans are excited to hear the new theme tune and see the film, while still appealing to the nostalgic crowd.

Advertising and reviews for the exclusive Pokémon trading card of Pikachu in Ash’s hat start:

“New Pokémon movie only out for two days and FREE CARD!” — Fan on social media

Different forms of media continue to highlight the release of the movie coming up the weekend and fans become increasingly excited:

“We are surprising our two boys on Monday…they will be so excited.” — Fan on social media

What’s On UK article

Light Cinema Walsall: The cinema hosted a Pokémon tournament (also advertised on the Pokémon official website) and was hugely successful — becoming one of the highest grossing cinemas for the screenings:

“We are replicating it all again for this weekend’s extra screening’s as it went down so well.” — Andrew Smallman, Marketing Executive at Light Cinema Walsall

Successful event review & sold out screenings

A successful Pokémon filled weekend led to an announcement of encore screenings up until the 17th November — c.800 additional showings added in UK and Europe.

A positive review from Movies@ cinemas and adding on extra screenings too.


The box office results are in: Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You was 9th in the UK after the first weekend.

“Went to see @pokemon #PokemonIChooseYou with my daughter what a great movie we all loved it.” — Audience review

“When the original Pokémon theme played, everyone started singing along it was awesome!” — Audience review

“I loved #PokemonIChooseYou, I felt like a kid getting cards and a poster before the film” — Audience review

“I saw the new Pokémon movie this morning in the cinema and yes I did cry” — Audience review

“Have to say, we went to see the Pokémon movie today at @ODEONMetroUK — the whole thing was superb with the movie, the Generations shorts afterwards on the big screen, and the trading card! Thanks so much for it! Now we look forward to the blu ray release!” — NCL Nintendo (Audience Review)

“Going to watch #PokemonIChooseYou for a second time today. It’s a rare opportunity after all to experience Pokemon in theaters :)”Audience review

“Saw “Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You” in the cinema tonight. Great homage to 20 years of #Pokemon! Crazy trip back through childhood!” — Audience review

“Went to watch the 20th Movie yesterday, it was amazing, I felt so nostalgic and excited by all the old and new and it felt like a perfect celebration of the Pokémon series! :)” — Audience review

With a combination of trailer announcements, the press screening with film reviews and ticket giveaways the reach totals to c. 419.8m impressions.

If you would like to know more about CinEvents please email us at hello@cinevents.co.uk

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