Desperation will force your creativity to emerge
Chad Grills

Jim Carey, to me, is like Robin Williams in a major way. They are/ were both brilliant, groundbreaking entertainers. They are/ were loved, followed and rewarded. They’ve provided endless laughter up till now.

I have to be honest here in my own reflection of both. One living, one dead (so shocking and sad). There are others I feel that are like them. I won’t list them because everything is debatable and that’s not my point here.

The desperation part, for me comes out. I have and still do watch these comedians and feel uncomfortable, exhausted, and I feel the need for relief. It’s like I’m laughing though a manic humor laced in need for approval.

I’m dancing as fast as I can. And I’m the greatest at it!

I’m sensitive and try to avoid manic style humor. I applaud the heroic efforts but I see the sad desperate clown.

Jim said it in the passage about becoming rich and famous. Everyone should know that it’s not the end all and be all.

But for some, many, there is a happiness and grace with success. Carol Burnett seemed to have a balance of sensitivity in life and career. Don’t get me wrong, JimCarey is brilliant and reflects insight but success and fame is not always painfully empty.

We all have sacrifices and compromises in the ladder of life which don’t amount always to riches and fame: but yet a life. Not everyone secretly aspires to it.

I wish this for Jim Carey:

That he could one day let go of his self appointed savior status of a family which was his but not unlike any other. He didn’t, couldn’t know. His family was his world and audience. But not his responsibility.

People lose jobs. People get sick. Families become desperate. Individuals must rally back. Hopefully with the support of family and friends or others.

But to save is personal destruction. It’s remarkable, Jim Carey’s amazing story. But it’s also very sad. I honestly do not see a happy man. I see a lonely, driven kid.

I hope he sees and understands that so that he can live without the need for success and approval, much as we love his work, work ethic and story.

I see sadly through it. He could not save his Mom. And you know what? He never could have. Now hopefully he is saving himself from the tyranny of thinking he needs to prove or save anything.

I wish Jim Carey peace.


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