How to Improve your Social Media Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Certainly, social media is part of our daily life; who don’t wake up in the morning and check Instagram to see how many likes did the last night picture get? In fact, studies show that almost 2/3 of Americans adults use social media sites and that they spend more time in social media than anywhere else on the Web. Probably, if you are a business and you still don’t have any clear digital marketing strategy, these data may worry you since you might not be taking full advantage of these tools. If this is your case, don’t worry! Here you’ll find 5 easy steps to start improving your social media presence RIGHT NOW!


This might seem a silly advise, but actually it is not. As a business you should make sure that (1) you have enough presence in social media and (2) you are choosing the right channels. But don’t get me wrong: more is not always better. If you are a small/medium business, pick a few channels and make sure you are doing great there. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most common platforms, but you might be also interested in Linkedin, Pinterest or any other social network. Just make sure your target segment has a high presence in the channels you decide to focus on.

Step 2: Verify your profile

Having your Facebook profile verified ensures that when your customers search you, they find the right you. Someone, specially small and medium businesses, may see this step as unnecessary, but actually it’s a good way to get your digital marketing strategy started. If you need more reasons to be convinced on verifying your profile take a look here.

Step 3: Create content

Now that you have chosen your platforms and have a verified profile, it’s time to talk to your customers. And I say talk and not sell, because social media are, indeed, social. That means that you don’t want to use these platforms merely to promote your products and services, but to share content, blogs, pictures, videos, GIFs and a large etcétera. For your convinience, use the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should be complimentary content, while only 20% of it should be directly about your products. This might help to improve your brand awareness and the way your customers see you.

Step 4: Engage your customers

Make your customers promote your brand. How? Using consistent hashtags that they can also use, answering their online questions/doubts through your profile, having a high response time and promoting the creation of customer generated content. This could be as easy as encouraging your followers to share a picture with a certain hashtag to enter in a contest. In addition, you sharing some of your customer content may be interesting for increasing their engagement towards your brand.

Step 5: Be consistent

Post, post and post. Consistency is key: people go in and out social media constantly, so make sure you are there when they start a session. But, be careful! You don’t want to be posting every minute of the day -or you may lose followers- but rather study when your peak hours are, and how much posts should be necessary to reach as many customers as possible.

It looks easy right? Now it’s your turn! Good luck on your social media profiles!