Top Intellectual Property Management Solution Companies

7 min readAug 3, 2020
  • While various sectors have already jumped on the bandwagon of digitalization, law firms and corporations dealing with intellectual property (IP) are currently one-step away from their leap toward the future. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the impact of digitalization, many U.S. based law firms believe the industry to be on an ascending trajectory. They appreciate and understand the impact of the digitalization trends and the minimum influence it will have on trade secrets and anti-counterfeiting. Many entities in the IP protection arena are already using IP management software (or intellectual asset management software) to handle and protect patent portfolios, and to confer a strategic advantage to IP teams and corporations via research tools and analytics. For law firms that manage designers, artists, inventors, and companies with patented products or services, IP management software helps centralize up-to-date client information, license agreements, and opposition filings in a single repository. The software often integrates with case management tools to streamline the lifecycle of IP procurement and litigation. Some products in this category function solely as patent search engines or filing assistants.
  • Alternatively, emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and holistic IP software are enhancing IP management tools and establishing themselves as the game changers in the field. Blockchain, for one, helps performance rights organizations that own blanket licenses to collect royalties for their members. Besides, trends like globalization and other alternative means to protect IP are finding popularity among law firms; few corporations are also looking to outsource IP services for better management. AI is another technology that has a profound impact on the IP industry. It enables law firms and IP professionals to take on a more strategic role within the organization, generating insight from data to help shape future company performance, while leaving the more mundane aspects including administrative tasks such as monitoring, research, and filing annuity payments to computers.
  • As a multitude of such technologies is set to nurture the growth of the IP management industry, CIO Applications has taken up the responsibility of examining and analyzing some of the promising solutions developed by market leaders. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIO Applications’ editorial panel has evaluated several organizations and shortlisted the ones that are distinctively prominent in the field. The companies listed here showcase extensive business knowledge and exhibit competence in delivering innovative IP management solutions that meet the needs of the customers.
  • We present to you CIO Applications’ “Top 10 Intellectual Property Management Solution Providers — 2019.”

Top Intellectual Property Management Solution Companies


Anaqua helps corporations and law firms turn intellectual property into a competitive advantage. The enterprise’s software platform, ANAQUA, unifies the critical tools, best practice workflows, data, documents, and services into one efficient, intelligent environment, so their clients operate more efficiently and make better decisions faster. Nearly a million IP professionals in over 150 countries use ANAQUA to manage more than a billion dollars in intellectual assets. Many of the known brands and most innovative products were conceptualized, evaluated, protected, and monetized through the ANAQUA platform

CPA Global

We are the world’s leading IP management and technology company, trusted by many of the world’s respected corporations and law firms. Delivered by an outstanding global team of over 2500 people, our integrated offering sets the standard for reliability and secure, verified IP data. For our customers, we minimise risk and deliver actionable IP intelligence for better decision making. Put simply, we take the hassle out of IP management, liberating our customers to focus on what they do best


IPwe is the World’s First Global Patent Market that combines the information and tools to identify, research, understand and transact in patents. The company enables traditional transactions (licenses and acquisitions) and empowers new classes of transactions like financings, maintenance fee payments and insurance. The company is leveraging blockchain technology and AI to dramatically lower the cost of patent ownership

Alt Legal

Alt Legal’s offers intuitive cloud-based software to prepare and manage global IP filings. Developed by lawyers, the business’s software is trusted by Am Law firms, IP boutiques, and in-house legal departments to handle thousands of filings every day. Alt Legal automatically updates statuses and deadlines, seamlessly collects key client details, and instantly generates IP filings. The enterprise specializes in trademarks, patents, intellectual property, docketing, docketing software, IP docketing software, TM docketing software, patent docketing software, and LegalTech

AppColl, Inc.

AppColl offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based patent management system to enhance productivity through collaborative automation tools. AppColl was founded in 2009, by Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs to make the intellectual property management process much more effective. As engineers in high technology, the enterprise’s founders were frustrated by how time-consuming, complicated, and expensive the invention and the patent process was. So, Appcoll was created to address these issues, the product line streamlines and simplifies the patent process, helping their customers create and file better patents more cost-effectively. The business helps patent firms and multi-national corporations produce and file better patents more cost-effectively

Innovation Asset Group

Founded in 2002, Innovation Asset Group (IAG) is an intellectual property management software and services company. The enterprise offers solutions in intellectual property management software & services, enterprise software, and NDA software & services. IAG was formed at a time when companies were just beginning to realize that patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are not just legal rights that lawyers care about; they are strategic business assets with a lot of potential value. The early team at IAG — consisting of people with deep backgrounds in IP — saw clearly that systems and tools were needed to help companies actively manage and keep track of their intellectual property. With years of experience working with inventors, Directors of Innovation and R&D, IP administrators & managers, paralegals, and in-house counsel, licensing executives and other company leaders, IAG has come to be relied upon not just for its technology but also for the excellence of its services. The company is committed to helping organizations be more successful with their intellectual property


IPfolio provides next-generation, cloud-based IP Management software that helps with all aspects of creating and managing a corporate IP portfolio. The business reduces administrative overhead, allows better visibility into the IP portfolio, facilitates collaboration and decision-making throughout global teams, and enables IP management at a strategic level by tying IP assets to products, markets, and revenue streams. A key differentiator is IPfolio’s flexibility for easily tailoring the solution to each company’s specific needs with custom fields and workflows, interactive reports and dashboards, and a fully configurable Inventor Portal


The Marconi Group provides a better way to share patented technology and has a vision of transforming the fundamentals of patent licensing. The enterprise creates and supports premier licensing platforms with the goal of simplifying patent licensing across new and existing technologies and product areas, creating value and bringing products to market faster and more efficiently. This ensures continued investments in innovation and provides an efficient exchange to bring those innovations to market, reducing risks and costs. Marconi also provides ongoing critical support to each of their platforms, including legal, finance, human resources, marketing, and communications


Founded in 1996, Minesoft is a global patent solutions provider, offering online products and services for patent research, monitoring and analysis, patent knowledge management, archiving and competitive intelligence, Intellectual Property (IP) document retrieval, and engineering and technology research. Minesoft solutions are designed to help clients to exploit the commercial value of IP and scientific information throughout the innovation process. The enterprise serves many Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies around the world, as well as specialist IP, patent attorney, and search firms

REAL Software Systems

REAL Software Systems (RSS) is the leading provider of intellectual property commerce solutions. The enterprise’s flagship platform, Alliant, is used across industries to comprehensively automate the management of contractual rights and accounting for royalties, revenue sharing, profit sharing, and many other deal types. Founded in 1993, RSS initially developed and deployed an integrated software solution to manage rights licensing, royalties and distribution deals within the entertainment and publishing industries. RSS subsequently developed and released Alliant, which supports the management of contractual rights and accounting for royalties, revenue sharing, profit sharing, and many other deal types across industries where intellectual property commerce is a fundamental business process



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