That time of the year when you explain the vision of the company. Again.

It’s September 1st. Bucharest, Romania — home of the fastest internet in EU. And US :) — it is that time again. To regroup and refocus.

When we launched Octonius 4(second web version) in spring we knew we did a great job. Global teams are able to share and collaborate from non related clouds without any friction.

We promised to reduce cloud fragmentation for teams.

And we delivered this promise right from Octonius 1.0.

With the 4.0 version we got things to another level.
Features like activity log — working with people using different clouds means you need to know who changed a file and when in an intercloud log — buckets and cloud backup are major steps in reducing the storage fragmentation in a collaborative team.

With our Slack app / Slack integration we went deeper into collaboration space. A lot of our customers are using Slack to communicate and manage team activity. Read more about our Slack App. Being able to search for a file from your cloud(s) and share it for collaboration directly from Slack chat — now that’s gangsta.

Yep. game changer :)

The main vision for the near future is to be faster and better.

Octonius will connect more teams, will break the fragmentation and improve productivity. The plan is to make cloud storage an infrastructure and Octonius does the heavy work of synchronizing your files effortless.

Next time you want to start a project with your team, the first question will not be “what should we use for file sharing and syncing?” or “what cloud should we use?”. You simply don’t care. You just share the files and collaboration is made possible.

At this very moment things are straightforward: there are cloud storages (infrastructure) and collaboration on top of it. Our plan is to build on top of the collaboration idea. Who told you that if I have dropbox and you have a Box account we can’t share and sync files?

Well that was the case before Octonius. Now the cloud is just infrastructure. As it should have been.

So the first step of our mission for 2016 is complete. Cross cloud collaboration. DONE.

Next? Teams are using a lot of different tools to get things done. Team management, product management products and services etc. We believe that the future is to build and integrate on top of the tools you already use, making a better collaboration at the end of the day.


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