[CIO Interview] Mr. Veneeth Purushotaman, CIO at Fortis Healthcare

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Window 10. Do Great Things.
Mr. Veneeth Purushotaman receiving India’s Best 50 CIOs : 2014–15 Award from Mr. Sourav Ganguly on July 23rd, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, Mumbai.

Q1. After leading IT in the Retail sector for many years, what is new for you as a CIO in the Healthcare space?

The Retail and Healthcare sectors have a lot in common, one of them being the high expectations of the well-travelled and connected Indian customers. Additionally, the Healthcare industry makes you feel privileged for the opportunity you get to serve the community.

It is a dream sector for a CIO as the technology maturity is far lower in Healthcare when compared to Retail. There is also a lot to do to improve the entire ecosystem.

Q2. You successfully led two massive technology transitions: firstly, the Bharti de-merger with Walmart; and secondly, the Bharti merger with Future Group. Please share your key learnings.

Indeed, these couple of massive transitions as a combined presented a large quantum of work that perhaps a team will do over a six-year period. To ensure we finished them in a short span of time, we planned every milestone to the last detail.

During the de-merger with Walmart, we spent a lot of time planning and setting up simulations in our labs before it went on the ground. It was akin to changing all four wheels and the engine of a running car. In-fact, even we were surprised with the transition of 200 plus stores.

The second transition to Future Group was comparatively smoother as we had a larger team, from Future Group, supporting us.

A key learning was that nothing is impossible if you work closely with the business and manage the expectations in terms of timelines and deliverables. Both projects involved Business Transition and not just an IT Transition, and that was the secret to the success.

Q3. How can CIOs enhance customer experience using technology across B2C businesses?

Technology is an inherent part of our lives and is, therefore, easier to drive consumer adoption, provided the solution is simple. Technology now plays a vital role in every aspect of a patient’s journey to better health. As healthcare providers, we work extremely hard to ensure that the waiting time at each stage is minimum.

Unlike other industries, time is an extremely crucial commodity in the healthcare sector — a minute saved can help save a life. Technologies like Telepresence and Robotics can help us reach the remotest corners of India and provide quality healthcare to the poor. At Fortis, we have worked with some of the leading technology and healthcare partners. This enabled us to reach out to smaller clinics/hospitals in the catchment areas and provide critical care from a larger hospital.

Q4. Who is your favourite sports personality and why?

My favourite sports personality have to be our own Captain Cool Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni; he has taught us how your own confidence can rub off on your team to deliver unbelievable results. His never say die attitude has turned the tide for India several times, indeed inspirational.

Q5. How has been your experience with Dell?

Dell continues to be synonymous with exceptional service standards. This has always been my experience in my interactions with them over the past decade.